Justin Parker Obituary Massachusetts: Explore Full Biography Along With Details Of Parents, Net worth 2024

Latest News Justin Parker Obituary Massachusetts

Justin Parker Obituary Massachusetts explains the Parents, Biography, Age, and Net Worth. Know more on Justin Parker North Attleboro from below.

Who was Justin Parker? When did he pass away? What was Justin’s age? What do you know about his net worth? Who are Justin’s parents? What was the reason for his death? People from the United States were looking for the details about the death of Justin Parker. Know more about Justin Parker by reading the Justin Parker Obituary Massachusetts below.

Justin Parker Obituary Massachusetts

The death of Justin Parker, 37, of Chestnut Road in Massachusetts, on Highway 95 in Foxboro, was a tragic occurrence. Justin’s black Mercedes was the target of three fires from an unnamed individual on a Saturday night. Justin’s Age was 37 years. The unknown person is driving a dark-colored vehicle. Justin’s car flipped and collided with a Lexus SUV. It ended up crashing into a railing on the highway due to the shooting.

Justin Parker North Attleboro injuries were too severe for him to survive. Solid Dedication Hospital confirmed his death. Luckily, no significant injuries occurred by the people riding in the Lexus.

Justin Parker Obituary Massachusetts

Did the police catch the culprit?

In order to identify and capture the culprit, the cops are aggressively looking into the crime and asking the public for assistance. The town, including Justin’s Parents, is in shock following this unfortunate tragedy. The  shooting on the streets has severely distressed everyone around them.

Biography of Justin

Justin, who lived in North Attleborough along with his daughter, was famous for being a loving father. His friends express wonder at the terrible events that led to his tragic death. They characterize him as someone totally dedicated to serving as a loving father.

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How Did Justin Parker North Attleboro Pass Away?

Around ten o’clock on a Saturday night, an unidentified attacker hit Justin’s black Mercedes on the main highway. It leads to a sequence of events that ultimately leads to the deadly collision. Justin’s heartbroken parents are praying that their son will receive justice while the police look for clues to figure out the case.


Name: Justin Parker

Place of Birth: North Attleboro

Date of Death: Feb 3rd, 2023

Reason for death: Shot dead

Children: 1

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net Worth 2024: not available

Parents: unknown

Age: 39 years


More about the death of Justin Parker

Investigators had the difficult challenge of sorting through a complex network of events. They dug more into the facts about Justin’s death. The brutal act’s reason and the chain of circumstances that brought about this awful moment are still unknown. Justin’s net worth is not disclosed on social media platforms. 

North Attleboro, a town famous for its connected community, struggled with the unknown and was left feeling uneasy. Everyone wanted justice and clarity after this tragedy. So, the hunt for answers turned into a team effort.

Justin’s biography is explained on the page.


As per online sources, Justin Parker, a man from Massachusetts, is 37 years old. It was an incident on Interstate 95 that claimed his life. An unknown individual in a dark vehicle attacked him. Consequently, Justin’s vehicle lost control and collided with a Lexus SUV. Finally, it struck a barrier on a highway. Read more on Justin Parker online.

Road Rage???? North Attleboro man killed in shooting on I-95 in Foxboro; authorities issue plea for witnesses. Justin R. Parker, 37, of Chestnut Street in North Attleboro, was shot by the driver of a dark-colored or black sedan just before 10 p.m. Saturday, according to the Norfolk County D.A.
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