Christa Coupons Passed Away And Obituary: Ramsey West Virginia, Car Accident Info!

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The post discusses Christa Coupons Passed Away And Obituary of a Car Accident in West Virginia.

Do you know who is the founder of the famous general store The Penny Listin the United States? Do you know how you can avail fantastic offers by accessing The Penny List? If yes, then you would be shocked that the founder of The Penny List has recently passed away. The news of her sudden death extremely surprises her fans, so people are curious to know the reason behind her unexpected death.

Since her death shocked people, everyone wanted to pay tribute, so they were looking for her obituary details. Therefore, read the Christa Coupons Passed Away And Obituary post till the end to know every detail. 

What are Christa Coupons Passed Away And Obituary details?

Christa Coupons, whose real name is Christa Ramsey, has founded and hosted “The Penny List.” The famous entrepreneur lady has died in a tragic road accident on February 1, 2024. On Thursday morning, February 1, 2024, she was driving to the local Dollar General Store when her car collided with a semi-truck on Interstate 79. 

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People are looking for her obituary details because they want to pay tribute to her beloved lady, entrepreneur, and business lady. Unfortunately, the details of her obituary are not currently available on the Internet, so when we come to know, we will let you know in our updated post.

Details of Christa Ramsey Car Accident  

Christa Ramsey was driving from the local Dollar General Store when her car hit the semi-truck. The accident was so terrible that she died on the point. Her car was destroyed and struck inside the truck. In the car accident, the driver was recognized as James Smith. James Smith was 45 years old. 

James Smith was from Ohio and was tested negative in drugs and alcohol tests. In the investigation, he confirmed that he didn’t see the car while changing lanes. Though he hasn’t been charged with any misconduct yet, the investigation is still ongoing. 

Further details on Christa Ramsey West Virginia

Christa Ramsey founded The Penny List by Christa Coupons in 2018, which is an online page and website that informs people about discounts. On her social media page, she shared informative videos, tips, and lists to find items on Dollar General Stores. People can easily find discounts via her page.

Further details on Christa Ramsey West Virginia

The page quickly gained attention among the people, and her Facebook page became popular within no time. Moreover, within no time, the page received more than 100,000 likes. Christa Ramsey also created a website for the people known as On this page, she delicately provides information and lists discounted products. Her page aims to save people’s money and save their money. 

For further details on Christa Coupons Passed Away and Obituary, you can read our updated post, as we will share the information regarding her obituary. Currently, her obituary details are not available on the internet.  

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Christa Ramsey died on February 1, 2024, in a road accident while she was driving from a local Dollar General Store. However, her obituary details are not available on the internet.

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