Jeffrey Prather com (Dec) Agent, Author & True Warrior!

Jeffrey Prather com 2020

Jeffrey Prather com (Dec) Agent, Author & True Warrior! -> Read Jeffrey’s biography, books, skills, and TV shows. He is the man who talks about government openly and shares life experiences that would be helpful for everyone.

Who is Jeffrey Prather? Jeffrey Prather is the man who thinks out of the box and acts as a true warrior. He is a retired army officer, DEA special agent, intelligence officer, and impressive whistleblower. Many United States people are fans of his Warrior skills and his channel “The Prather Point” Jeffrey Prather com.

He is famous for breaking news and stories on government cover-ups, as he is an ex-government officer insider. If you want to feel the truth, Jeffery is the one you should follow. Read more.

What is Jeffrey Prather com?

It is the official website of Jeffery Prather, where you can know about his experiences, podcast channels, and more to stay updated with his content. He is the only person in the United States who talks about Government issues with an open mind and mouth. Jeffrey exposes the fake and real statements given by the government and talks about what to left.

Also, he has shares his own stories and experiences that encourage any individual. He is available for everyone for monitoring, giving life coaching, speaking skills, and team-building skills. If you want to invite Jeffrey to your show or for an interview, he will please do that.

Published Books by Jeffrey Prather

Jeffrey Prather has published two books so far. He shared the life experiences in training and worked as a global special agent for intelligence, superior officer as DEA, and whistleblower. Here are the names of books you can read on Jeffrey Prather com.

  1. Initiation: Boys are Born, Men are trained: This book talks about the real manhood, which we do not teach while kids are growing. This shares story about Jeffrey’s initiation- a medication man to devout maturity.
  2. Chase Terror on the Border: This book tells a story about stopping smuggling and terrorism across the southern border.

Get Martial Arts Training by Master Jeffrey Prather

Jeffrey Prather is a Martial arts expert who offers a Home Manual study program, “Handgun martial Arts,” for those interested in getting master skills of martial arts. This is available in PDF; if you need to download it, visit the Jeffrey Prather com and find the link. Right now, it is available in limited supply.

Jeffrey Prather Shows

Jeffrey has appeared in the show named “Fox’s News, the drudge report.” Over a decade, Jeffrey appeared on TV and Radio shows. Also, his play “The Prather Point” shares excellent entertainment to the listeners. He is the one who is perfect as an ex-army officer, retired DEA agent, honorable warrior, Publisher, author, and weekly radio host.

The Most popular Live shows of Jeffrey Prather are:

  • AF confirmed
  • FBI Fraud
  • US News hacked
  • War of law
  • Low-intensity conflict
  • Fortitude VS Fakery

If you would love to watch these episodes, then get the live streaming on Jeffrey Prather com . at the bottom page, you will find the collection of his live shows if you want to see the truth and become an accurate an inside watch, Jeffrey Prather.

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