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Kfconsole Real or Fake (Dec) Release Date, Price, Pros And More!

Kfconsole Real or Fake (Dec) Release Date, Price, Pros And More! -> Find the truth behind KFC console with chicken warmer technology to enhance the players’ gaming experience.

Are you curious to know whether KFconsole real or fake? Many people from the United Kingdom, Australia, United States, and Canada are looking for accurate product legitimacy reviews. If you are also one of them, so read this post that describes KFC console, price, release date and may more.

KFC console is the next generation console introduced in June on Twitter. The official video was launched by KFC gaming about this console. Below you will find depth details.

What is KFC Console?

On June, KFC gaming posted on the Twitter about its new generation console named KFC console with chicken Chamber. Hence, the public of the United Kingdom, Australia, United States, and Canada became insane to know about its every detail in-depth as what is KFC console release date, specifications, and more. More than that, the laughing and curious part about this gadget comes with a thought of being capable of cooking food while playing. 

We all want to know is this true or just a prank or it come because Sony unveiled its Play station 5. Below you will find the legitimacy proof, so keep reading. 

Is KFconsole real or fake?

According to Intel, KFC console is real than fake. It is declared by the PR rep mark Walton that Intel powers KFconsole and there are no points of doubt. And yes, it includes Chicken Warmer. It is also true that the Best chicken food corner KFC has released its gaming console. Moreover, it has all the chicken-warm features that showed KFC itself on Twitter, but it cannot cook food. 

KFC console is a real advanced technology launched for its players. This allows players to put the cooked chicken in the chicken warmer to heat it and enjoy the fresh and hot chicken even while playing. This console has added heat airflow system that takes minutes to warm your chicken without spoiling its crispiness and taste.

The specifications of KFC console

KFC console promises various standards, let’s read some best specs that we liked. 

  • It’s a stunning design-led by the Timesplay craftsman.
  • The KFC console price is little high that is around $2000.
  • It is made with 9th generation Intel.
  • High GPU
  • Two SSD
  • Virtual ready
  • The only gameplay includes in-built chicken warmer.

Final Verdict

The answer to your question-Is KFconsole real or fake is REAL. This machine or gadget is capable of proving fantastic gameplay and stunning chicken warmer that help players heat their crispy chicken while playing. 

And yes the news you can prepare chicken or food in KFC console is fake. You can heat up your food, but not prepare it. Besides, The KFC console uses 9the Generation technology that naturally gives you full on entertainment with its premium specs.

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