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Is Scam Or Legit Online Website Reviews

Beware of a suspicious web player with sinking trust and dubious practices. Learn Is Scam or Legit Reviews.

Discovering truth about is like unveiling a mystery in the United States! This 3-month-old site claims legitimacy but reveals alarming signals. Hailing from Lodin, Afghanistan, its shaky business ranking, plummeting trust index, and sketchy online presence raise eyebrows. Beware, this risky venture jeopardizes your device security, finances, and personal information. Discover more about Is Scam or Legit.

Is Scam or Legit?

USPS.myepackage Creation: 11th/October/2023.

USPS.myepackage Age: 3-months old.

USPS.myepackage Last updated on: 11th/October/2023.

USPS.myepackage Expiry: 11th/October/2024.

USPS.myepackage life expectancy: registration expires within 8-months.

Business ranking: 6.7%↓.

Trust Index: 1%↓.

Alexa Rank: Zero↓.

Place of origin: Lodin, Afghanistan.

Suspicious Websites Proximity: 100%↑.

Threat Profile: 63%↑.

Phishing: 63%↑.

Malware: 23%↑.

Spam: 2%↓.

ISP: Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

Registrar: Alibaba.Com Singapore E-Commerce Private Limited.

Status of Blacklisting: USPS.myepackage is not blacklisted.

Connection Security: USPS.myepackage uses a less secured HTTP protocol.

Owner’s Identity and Contact: paid privacy services were used to censor the details.

Backlinks: Zero↓. Reviews of Domain Authority: 1/100↓.

Page Authority: 6/100↓.

MozRank: 0.6/10↓.

A Brief of

A Brief of

Surprisingly, well-educated people are falling to’s scam. It is well known that is the authentic website of the United States Postal Service. Additionally, during the holiday and festive season, several fake websites are created to loot customers under the name of undelivered packages. 

The authentic web page to change the address on USPS is –, and to reschedule the delivery, it is – However, due to the similar spelling of the URL and replicated website design, auto-generates a tracking number cluing Is Scam or Legit status – 

There are concerns with your shipping address. USPS enables you to have your package redelivered to your address in the event of delivery failure or other issues. You can track the package from shipment to delivery at any time.

Furthermore, FIOA and FEAR act pages were included on fraudulent websites from the authentic, giving an impression of legitimacy.

If the user adds his address, he is requested to pay $0.30 for re-delivery. However, the primary aim is to collect the personal and payment details of such users, which can be used for debiting unauthorized charges (or) selling the information on the deep web!

Features determining Is Scam or Legit:

Features determining Is Scam or Legit

Change the address and reschedule the delivery at:

Price: $0.30.

Physical Address: Unspecified.

Email address: Unspecified.

Contact person: Unspecified.

Phone number: Unspecified.

Privacy policy: fraudulently linked to authentic website’s page –

Terms and Conditions: fraudulently linked to authentic website’s page –

Mode of Payment: In US$ via all major credit and debit cards.

Delivery Policy: USPS.myepackage delivers orders within 5-22 days.

Customers Reviews:

Four websites and one Facebook review suggest that is a possible scam. USPS.myepackage does not support product reviews. 

Click here to learn about PayPal fraud, as no user posted delivery acknowledgement, Reviews, or ratings on customer review websites about

Social media links and relationships:



Conclusion: gained terrible trust/business/suspicion/threat/malware/phishing and Alexa ranking. Click here to learn more about USPS scams. is highly-risky for users’ devices, financial transactions, personal and payment information. Click here to learn about credit card fraud, as was registered in a high-risk country. Its ISP and registrar are popular among scammers and hosted several low-rated websites. USPS.myepackage’s servers are located in a high-risk country, overall suggesting it a possible scam.

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