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This article describes the federal holiday that falls on 20th June, following the Juneteenth festival. Read more about Is Tomorrow a Federal Holiday 2022.

Do you want to know the holiday status associated with a prominent anniversary celebration? Are you looking to know more information on this topic? Read this write-up until the end, as we explore all major details related to the topic.

People from the United States are delighted to participate in the celebration of a revolutionary announcement made in the 19th century. ‘Is Tomorrow a Federal Holiday 2022?’ Let’s check and solve the answer for one of the most trending questions.

What is Juneteenth?

Juneteenth is one of the federal holidays for celebrating an official announcement by Gordon Granger, Union Army general, on 19th June 1865. Granger’s announcement of freedom for enslaved African Americans in Texas. The word Juneteenth is a combination of June and nineteenth.

The official recognition of the Juneteenth took place after the signing of the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act by Joe Biden. Juneteenth is celebrated as a federal holiday from June 2021. According to official data, 20th June 2022 is a federal holiday. 

Is Tomorrow a Federal Holiday 2022?

  • Juneteenth falls on Sunday, so the official federal holiday is on the 20th of June.
  • The Juneteenth festival is celebrated all over the country by conducting various events and shows.
  • The anniversary celebration for Juneteenth was initiated at Galveston, and later on, the celebration spread to various other parts of the country.
  • The Juneteenth holiday is the last federal holiday for this month, and the next federal holiday is on 4th July 2022, following the Independence Day celebration.

History of Juneteenth

  • Following Granger’s announcement in 1865, the Juneteenth celebration started as church-centered gatherings of community members. Know ‘Is Tomorrow a Federal Holiday 2022?’.
  • Abraham Lincoln’s famous Emancipation Proclamation, made on 1st January 1863, also played a crucial role in Granger’s announcement.
  • The Juneteenth flag acts as a symbol for the prominent Juneteenth festival. The first version of the flag got designed by Ben Haith, an activist.
  • Juneteenth festival is known by different names such as Freedom Day, Black Independence Day, Emancipation Day and Jubilee Day.

Juneteenth Celebration

  • The initial Juneteenth celebration consisted of family gatherings and prayer activities.
  • Later, the celebration mode added annual pilgrimages conducted by the family members of enslaved people to Galveston. Let’s check ‘Is Tomorrow a Federal Holiday 2022?
  • In 1872, an Emancipation Park was built with the support of African American business people and ministers for the annual Juneteenth celebration.
  • The celebration got limited during 2020 and 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Today, the celebration includes parades, events, poetry festivals, picnics etc.


The Juneteenth festival has been celebrated on 19th June for over 150 years, and the federal holiday for Juneteenth 2022 is listed on 20th June as 19th June is a Sunday. To know more details on this topic, kindly visit here.

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