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This article shares complete details on the Quordle 146 Sheik Wordle and further details about the rules of the game. Follow our article to know further.   

Did you able to solve the Quordle 146 word challenge? Are you struggling with the Quordle 146 solution? If yes, this is all you need to know about the game. The game is considered to be one of the finest spinoffs of the Wordle game. It has become quite popular in CanadaAustralia, the United KingdomIndia, and the United States.

Today, through this article, we will discuss every detail of the Quordle 146 Sheik Wordle answers. To know more, follow the article below.

The Solution and clues of Quordle 146:

The game is quite tough as players faced difficulty to guess the four five-word puzzle of Quordle 146. The answers to Quordle 146 are:


 Stated below are the Quordle 146 Clues:

  • The Words start with C, M, A, and S.
  • The last letter of the words is D, O, R, and K.
  • Word 1 indicates shedding tears to express sorrow.
  • Word 2 signifies overall or on a large scale.
  • Word 3 relates to a metal covering worn by a soldier to provide a defence.
  • Word 4 indicates an Arab leader or main person. 

Tough answers were quite difficult, but players especially found 4th word Sheik Game to be a bit difficult to understand as its hints were quite confusing. We have further detail about the game just below.

All about Quordle Game: 

Quordle comes up with a daily new word challenge for players, which might look easy but is quite difficult. Players get obsessed with this game after playing.

Quordle is a free online word puzzle game. The game got its inspiration from the Wordle game. Here players have to guess four five-word puzzles based on the clues given.

The game is straightforward but is as hard as Wordle. In Quordle 146, players also faced difficulty guessing all four words correctly. If you are still confused with the 4th word, we have shared the Sheik Definition below.

The Rules of Quordle game:

Given below are the rules of the game, thereby helping players to understand the gameplay:

  • This game can be played by going to its official site.
  • The only motive of the players is to guess four five-letter words correctly.
  • Players are given clues for their convenience.
  • Players only get 9 attempts to solve the mystery of four words.
  • After each guess, the colour of the letter changes to green, yellow or grey.
  • This game is made free to play for every player.
  • The game is simple and straightforward.

The Meaning of Sheik Wordle:

The Quordle 146 has come up with a tricky word challenge players found the answers very difficult. Especially the 4th word of Quordle 146, Here Sheik means an Arab leader or the main leader of an Arab family. 

The Closing Statement:

The answers and the clues of Quordle 146 were difficult to understand. This article shares every detail. And to know more about Quordle 146 solution, you can click on this link. 

The above article shares every detail about the Solution of the Quordle 146 and further information about the Sheik Wordle meaning.

Did you find Quordle 146 tricky? Comment your views.

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