Is Showytime Legit [May] Checkout The Reviews Now!

Is Showytime Legit

Is Showytime Legit [May] Checkout The Reviews Now! -> If you are also confused about the legitimacy of a newly registered site, then read out the below article to know all the details.

Are you an online buyer and also love to shop amazing products from online websites? Do you also have doubt about the legitimacy of the showytime site? Well, you have come to the right place to know all the information about this website and to know about its legitimacy and the quality of products selling on this website. 

All the people belonging from the United Kingdom are interested in this website and getting attracted to its discount offers. But Is Showytime Legit?

Finding the answer to this question becomes highly important because if the website is not authentic, either you will receive a poor-quality product or nothing at all. What if you ordered your product from this website and didn’t get the product at your place? So, you should go through our biased review article to find out all the important details about the website and its products. We will first check the legitimacy of this website and then look for customer reviews. 

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Is Showytime Legit? 

People are always trying to value their money and get good products at great discounts without any risk of getting into a scam and don’t want to spoil their experiences with shopping. So here are some points we have to share with you about this website:

  • Showytime is a recently launched website with a domain age of only a week that makes it a very young website.
  • They have provided facebook and instagram icons on their website, but none of them could be opened.
  • This online shopping store provides items to its customers at wholesale prices.
  • We could not find any Showytime Reviews from any website.
  • The trust score gained by this website is only 6%.

So we think buyers should go through good research to make a purchase from this website. 

What is is an online ecommerce store that sells all kinds of liquidation products at wholesale prices like appliances, clothing, shoes, furniture, tools, hardware, television etc., on their website. This website has provided facebook and instagram icons on their website, but none of them seems to open, which is a little weird. And if you were searching for Is Showytime Legitthen read the below article.

Website’s specifications:

  • An online website selling all kind of items at wholesale prices
  • Shipping charges are mentioned at $99 on the website.
  • URL:
  • Delivery time is expected from 7 to 20 working days.
  • Order cancellation is only available within 12 hours of ordering
  • Processing time is 3 days 
  • Companies email address is vzcowz@gmail.comNo contact information is provided by the website 
  • The domain age of this website is only 9 days.
  • The payment methods accepted by this website are PayPal, American Express, VISA, MasterCard and Discover. To get further details about Is Showytime Legitcontinue scrolling through this article. In case you have involved yourself in the Credit Card scam by such a dangerous website, read here

Pros of ordering from this website:

  • This website offers 30 days return policy on all its orders.
  • This website provides all kind of items like appliances, clothing, shoes, furniture etc
  • you can get your product at wholesale prices from this website 

Cons of ordering from this website: 

  • this website to too new to shop ad has not provided any contact number for any customer queries.
  • Many low rated websites are found on the same server as this website 
  • This website is operated from a high-risk country 
  • This website charges an amount for every return shipping.
  • No Showytime Reviews could be found on this website. 

What are the thoughts of previous buyers of this website:

Reviews and feedbacks by any previous buyer make you aware of all the details and make you sure about the legitimacy of the website and its products. But based on our research, we could not get any reviews about this website. We don’t recommend you to shop from this website and use another alternate website.

Final verdict: 

So based on our above research about this website we think that you all should be aware of these points about this website and make you sure Is Showytime Legit

  • This website has a domain age of only 9 days that makes it too young to shop from here.
  • We could not see any social media page for this website 
  • This website charges you for every return made on any product.

So we think this website is not safe for you to make any purchase and use another trusted website to shop to be safe and not to get into a scam. Are you happy with online shopping websites? 

And please let us know if you had any past experiences with this website in the comment section. In case you have involved yourself in the PayPal scam by such a dangerous website, read here

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