Is Metro Winner com Scam (April) Check The Reviews Now!

Is Metro Winner com Scam 2021

Is Metro Winner com Scam (April) Check The Reviews Now! >> The following article is based on the truth of a website that claims to offer a trending gaming console for free.

Have you heard about the website that claims to give away PS5 for free? Are you thinking about claiming the product? Read this article carefully to know every detail about this website. is a website that is targeting the people of the United States through advertisements on social media. 

We will see everything about the website and also check Is Metro Winner com Scam or not.

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Information about Metro Winner:

The Metro Winner is a company that claims to offer you a free PS5 as a part of their promotion. The website also claims to offer you a monthly subscription for 19.99$ where they give you a Movie platform’s subscription and also thousands of e-books for free.

Everything from movies to books and a PS5 just for USD 20? If a deal feels too good to be true, chances are that is it isn’t. If you wish to claim your prize without a subscription, still need to enter your bank details as a verification making it suspicious.

Is Metro Winner com Scam?

After a lot of research and digging deep, we found everything we needed to authenticate the website. Check the content down below.

  • Domain creation date – The website was created just three weeks before the 24th of March 2021.
  • Alexa Rank and website popularity – The website is very new has a weak popularity index with its Alexa rank as zero.
  • Owner’s Information and Address – The website owner’s identity is unknown. Also, there is no verified option to contact any of the customer support. 
  • Trust Index or score – The website has a terrible score of 4%.
  • Customer Feedbacks – There are no feedbacks available.

So, Is Metro Winner com Scam? Yes, unfortunately, the above points prove that the website is too risky. With a terrible trust score, we suggest you never enter any personal details on their website.

How Does the Scam Work?

This kind of scam is called phishing. No matter if you pick the monthly subscription or try to claim the free prize right away, you will be asked to enter your bank or card details for verification. After you enter the details, your information will be saved with the website as the checkout is not secured. The website owner now has your bank details and can do anything he wishes with it. This is Is Metro Winner com Scam.

The PS5 is priced at USD 500$. Why would anyone give it away for free? Think about it.

Customer Reviews

No reviews by real customers are available anywhere on the web, and just one video on that claims the website is a scam.


Metro Winner is a website that claims to give you a free PS5. After doing a lot of research, we found that the website is fake and is trying to scam you.

We also saw how the scammers can take money out of your bank accounts and answered – Is Metro Winner com Scam

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