X3fov Info Scam (April) Know About The Scam And Beware!

X3fov Info Scam 2021.

X3fov Info Scam (April) Know About The Scam And Beware! >> The write-up shares details about text scams targeting a large number of people. Please read the article and stay alert.

Residents in the United States are receiving text messages from a website X3fov.info asking them to pay a shipping charge for a parcel which they never ordered. Now they want to know whether the text message is legit or a scam.

The con artists and scammers use logos and names of popular companies to lure the recipients and steal their card and personal details with the new text scam. 

The text message comprises an online payment link of some suspicious website where recipients have to click and make the payment for parcel delivery. Let us find out what X3fov Info Scam all about!  

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What is X3fov.info Scam?

X3fov.info Scam is the parcel pending delivery text scam circulating in the United States, targeting innocent residents to steal their credit card details and personal information to misuse later. 

Residents in America regularly receive a text message from X3fov.info asking them to make a payment against the shipping fee to get the parcel delivered. Failure to this results in a parcel being returned to the sender. The X3fov Info Scam is targeting many people. 

Now, residents are confused and want to know what the parcel scam all about and why they have to pay the shipping fee when they have not ordered anything. They are targeting people in different ways by sending messages using the same URL. 

What Messages are Scammers Sending?

  • “A parcel has a shipping fee of 1.45 GBP pending, and you may click the link X3fov.info to make the payment. Failing to make the payment would lead to parcel cancellation, and it will be sent back to the sender.”
  • “A delivery for the package has been changed. Click the link to confirm.”

How to Spot X3fov Info Scam Text?

There are several ways to spot scam text messages, and with little research and evaluation, one can easily spot them and stay safe. 

  • If the text message is from a random number and asks you to click links or download attachments, it means the text message is a scam.
  • The text messages would ask for immediate action.
  • It also asks you to re-confirm your financial details and personal information.

These are some of the ways to spot scam text messages. If you receive random messages of the X3fov Info Scam, please report it immediately.  

What Recipients of Fake Messages Have to Say?

We have evaluated online and found many comments from the recipients of the text messages. Many recipients have confirmed that it is a fake message and scam, and it must not be considered. 

Some recipients of messages confirmed that the random scam text was from USPS, while some confirmed that they had received scam messages in the name of Google. Con artists have also targeted people by luring recipients with a lottery winning messages based on Walmart receipt. 

Recipients have shared the messages they have received and confirmed it a scam. 


X3fov Info Scam is the new text message fraud targeting residents in America. Also, the website is established on 13th April 2021, and its Trust Index is 1%. 

Con artists are targeting people in different ways to steal their financial details and personal information. Anyone who received random messages from X3fov.info must report them immediately and avoid such scams. 

Have you ever fall prey to such scams? What have you done to report it? Please share it in the comments section below.

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