Is Amazon Bonus Credit Text Scam (April) Know The Truth!

Is Amazon Bonus Credit Text Scam 2021

Is Amazon Bonus Credit Text Scam (April) Know The Truth! >> This article gives you crucial details about a scam that’s gaining some traction. Please check the details now.

Is Amazon Bonus Credit Text Scam being the question that users are asking to confirm about the authenticity of this viral message. Sources tell us that users receive messages offering them extra bonuses and allowing them to use them on shopping websites like Amazon. This offer looks too good to be true, which had led to its popularity as users are searching about it extensively.

If you’re interested in knowing about the legitimacy of this scam and obtaining other relevant information, you’ve come to the right place. This query has gained popularity in several regions, including the United States.

Is Amazon Bonus Credit Text Scam?

To give a straightforward answer, yes, this text is a scam. It’s in your best interest to ignore this scam and not respond to it. Doing otherwise will land you in trouble. 

It’s among the most common techniques used by scammers to lure users by claiming to offer them rewards and then robbing them of banking and other sensitive details in the process. In this particular scam, users receive texts. 

Working of this Scam

Please take a look at the details given below closely to know about the working of this scam in the United States and elsewhere.

  • Is Amazon Bonus Credit Text Scam? Yes, in this scam, users receive a message claiming that they have earned a bonus credit of some amount which they can use to get several items.
  • Bonus credit is one of the many techniques used by scammers. In this technique, users may also receive texts claiming they have won rewards, or free cash, etc.
  • The messages are very convincing because they manage to include your real name in them if the name isn’t correct, it is very close, which makes it somewhat believable.
  • The common characteristic in all such scams is the presence of an attached link in the text or mail.
  • Is Amazon Bonus Credit Text Scam? There’s no question about it; it’s a scam.
  • It will ask you to click on this link to receive the awards or the bonus credit, in this case.
  • The link will direct you to an untrustworthy and unreliable website.
  • The information that you enter on this website will be sent to the scammers.
  • Such websites mostly target details like bank and card information.
  • Such websites employ phishing, prevalent hacking techniques to execute the scams.

Final Verdict 

Phishing techniques and scams where users receive messages about winning a gift or any other item and being asked to click on links is quite common. Is Amazon Bonus Credit Text Scam? Yes, it is the latest addition to these scams. All other relevant information is available above. 

Have you ever encountered such text messages or emails yourself? Have you or anyone in your knowledge ever suffered at the hands of such schemes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Feel free to reach to us; we highly appreciate your interaction.

3 Comments on “Is Amazon Bonus Credit Text Scam (April) Know The Truth!”

  1. I received about five of them in the last week. I kept getting them and needed to be make sure this was a scam and I was correct.

  2. I get them daily. I block the number and then still get them under a different number. Always area code 212. Sometimes, twice at the same time from 2 different numbers.

  3. I usually get one of these a day, different names and rarely close so I block the number (useless jesture) and delete..

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