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Is Amazon Rewards Credit Scam (March) Truth Revealed!

Is Amazon Rewards Credit Scam (March) Truth Revealed! >> Do you want to know whether the text you got from Amazon for Bonus Credit or Reward is fake or not? Then, please scroll through the article.

Is Amazon Rewards Credit Scam: The online world is flooded with many fake offers and unstoppable discounts. People need to stay aware of all of such scams that may come in any form, anytime and anywhere.

Today, we are here to discuss such an issue associated with an online E-commerce platform; Amazon and the United States‘ shoppers want to know whether it is a scam or a legit one. It is better to get into the scam story and have a look to understand how accurate the Bonus Credit or Rewards text is. 

An Outline of Is Amazon Rewards Credit Scam

As we have mentioned earlier, the scam is all related to the Amazon platform, and it is in the form of a notification or text that seems like sending from Amazon directly. The text message includes a minimum of $100 that is shown as Amazon Bonus Credit or Rewards.

There are other scams also happening on the name of this big platform, such as, Amazon Gift Card Scams, Amazon Gift Cards or Credit Cards and Amazon Credit Builder Scams, and many more. To name, some of the scams occurring on the name of Amazon are:

  • Amazon Watch Raffle Scam
  • Amazon Locked Account Scam
  • Amazon Free PlayStation
  • Amazon Prime Scam
  • Amazon Bonus Credit Text Scam

Please stay connected to know more about the Is Amazon Rewards Credit Scam. We will be explaining here about the Amazon Bonus Credit or Rewards Text Scam. Do you want to know more about this text received by the people of the United States? Then, please proceed further and let us know how does it look like. 

What the Scam Message seems like?

The text message includes the name of the person and a few links that lead the person to the bonus or reward. Also, a specific amount has already been mentioned in the message of Is Amazon Rewards Credit Scam, and an individual is directed to follow the link as given in the text to grab the discount.

In addition to this, the text has an expiry date given that indicates when the bonus credit will get expired. Also, the users can buy something from Amazon as per the text message that they are receiving. 

In the Rewards Scam, people who click on the sent link are directed to the fake Amazon survey, which makes them to enter for shipping purposes, their credit card information, and offers free watches and other gifts as a reward. Though, it is all a scam.

Is Amazon Rewards Credit Scam: Receivers’ Reaction

As we explore the web, we found that many people are getting such texts, and they have also commented on some platforms about the amount they have got. Folks said that they got a text of around $130 or $150 that varies under this scam.

People got such texts from time to time, and they want to know about the reality of this text to know how true it is. 


After getting into the details of this text through Is Amazon Rewards Credit Scam post, we conclude that the text is such a big scam, and people need to stay aware of the same. Also, the smart move is to alert other people whenever you find anything like Amazon Bonus or Rewards Scam.

It is always recommended not to click on any link or trust any text that is received; however, please explore well and then decide what to do or not. 

What are your thoughts about this scam? Please share with us in the comment section below to let others know if they’re trusting some scams. We are happy to help you all the time.

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