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Infinite Heroes Gift Code 2021 August {New Gift Codes}

Infinite Heroes Gift Code 2021 August {New Gift Codes} >> The guide shares details about the new RPG game and the gift codes to redeem exclusive gifts and items in the game.

Infinite Heroes is the virtual and strategic Ideal RPG game available on iOS and Android devices. Fuzhou HaiNiu develops the game. The gameplay takes you to the ancient world of light and dark that came to seek pure and ancient energy. 

The RPG game also has the option to earn gifts and rewards via gift codes that the game developers release for Worldwide gamers. The gift codes offer free stuff in the game, and players have to redeem the Infinite Heroes Gift Code 2021 August to earn these rewards.   

Continue reading to access the active gift codes and the redeeming processes. 

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What is Infinite Heroes?

Infinite Heroes is the strategic Ideal RPG game developed for iOS and Android devices by Fuzhou HaiNiu. It takes you to the world where dark and light comes together in a battle to seek pure and ancient energy. 

The war destroys the mainland and the entire civilization while the turbulent ocean surrounds the entire land. Worldwide players are actively playing the game because of its interesting game plot. Besides, active gift codes let the players redeem free gifts and power in the game. 

What is Infinite Heroes Gift Code 2021?

Infinite Heroes Gift Code is an alphanumerical code released by the game developers, and they are available for the players of the game. With these gift codes, players can claim free items and stuff in the game.

However, these gift codes come with expiry, and hence players must check its expiration before using them to redeem free gifts. Nevertheless, these gift codes are the ideal way to redeem free items in the game. Players can upgrade their characters and get premium items using these Infinite Heroes Gift Code 2021 August.

List of Active Infinite Heroes Gift Codes

  • 76b1b6d331b4fff8 – Avail Diamond x500, Summonite x1 and Hero Essence x500
  • 956949996a180838 – Avail x500 Diamond, x500 Hero Essence and x1 Summonite
  • 25afa77815fd5000 – x1000 Diamond, x400 Hero Essence and x4 Summonite
  • 6b2b8b331c151734 – Avail x1000 Diamond, x200 Hero Essence and x1 Faction Summonite
  • 08bbf73e15e2d03b – Avail x300 Diamond, x300 Hero Essence and x3 Summonite 

These are some active gift codes, and players can use them to redeem the free items in the game. The Infinite Heroes Gift Code 2021 August is valid now, but they have an expiration date, and it must be checked before using the codes.   

How to Redeem the Gift Codes?

So, you have got the gift codes and want to learn about the methods to redeem them. Don’t panic; the process is quite straightforward. Players have to follow a few steps to redeem the codes. 

  • Launch the game on your respective device and click on the avatar icon available on the top left corner of the screen
  • A new window will open, and you need to tap on the “Gift Code” button
  • Copy the Infinite Heroes Gift Code 2021 August and paste it in the given space
  • Click the send button, and you will see the rewards are added to your game account instantly 


If you are an avid gamer and love playing Infinite Heroes games, you will surely prefer using the codes to redeem free items. 

The list of codes is updated regularly, and it is necessary to keep checking the list to grab the new and valid codes. The Infinite Heroes Gift Code 2021 August mentioned above is valid and active, and players can redeem them.

Do you use gift codes to redeem items? Would you mind sharing your experiences in the comment section?

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