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Idle Death Knight Codes 2021 August {Today Code} >> The guide shares details about the new role-playing game and the active coupon codes to redeem exclusive items for free.

Idle Death Knight needs no introduction as it is the Ideal RPG released recently in 2021. Neowiz develops the game, and it is available for iOS and Android devices. The gameplay involves the mission of defeating the enemies that dare to cross their path. 

Players can progress with auto farming and loots in the game even when a player is in offline mode. But, there is another way to get stone boxes, draw tickets, and other exclusive items, and it is with the Idle Death Knight Codes 2021 August

The Worldwide players are redeeming the free codes for exclusive items and gifts in the game.   

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What is Idle Death Knight?

Idle Death Knight is the Ideal RPG or Role Playing Game, 2021 released. Soon after its launch, the game managed to become a hit over the internet. The game has an interesting game plot that involves battling with enemies with auto farming and auto loots. 

Since it is the ideal game, the Worldwide players fight as death knights automatically and progress in the game even in offline mode. The game includes 30 weapons used for defeating the enemies. 

Players need to explore the game map and collect the exclusive items. However, players can redeem these exclusive items in the game using the Idle Death Knight Codes 2021 August.

What are the Idle Death Knight Codes?

Idle Death Knight Codes are the codes released by the game developers for the players. With these exclusive gift codes, players can redeem free items and gifts in the game. 

The exclusive codes allow redeeming Amethyst, upgrade their stone pouch and get exclusive draw tickets for the game. However, these codes come with expiration, and it is essential to check the expiration of the codes before using them.

Below you will come across some active codes that players can use in August 2021.

The List of Idle Death Knight Codes 2021

  • DK_500000 – Avail x500 Amethyst and Death King’s Weapon Box
  • Gacha300 – The code comes with x300 Equipment Draw Ticket
  • New_Server – The code offers you 1000 Amethyst, and players can upgrade their stone pouch 100 times
  • Summer2000 – The code offers 2000 Amethyst 
  • Gacha200 – The coupon code offers 200 Equipment Draw Ticket
  • Idle_200DAY – The code is to redeem 2000 Amethyst 
  • April_2021 – The code comes with 500 Amethyst, 3 Upgrade Stone Pouch, and 50 Equipment Draw Ticket
  • DK200 – Redeem 200 Equipment Draw Ticket with the code 

These are the active Idle Death Knight Codes 2021 August that is available for redeeming in the game. 

Methods to Redeem the Codes

  • Launch the game and click on the option button 
  • In the new window, you have to tap on the “Register Coupon” option
  • Copy and paste the coupon code 
  • Click on the “Enter” button 
  • You will see the available rewards are added to your game account instantly 

These are the steps to complete to redeem the coupon codes in the Idle Death Knight game.


Collection of artifacts, equipment, upgrading skills, and weapons is possible with the new Idle Death Knight Codes 2021 August. However, every coupon code released by Idle Death Knight developers comes with expiration, and to avoid hassles, ensure using the valid and active coupon codes.      

Have you ever used the coupon codes in the game? Would you mind sharing the redemption process in the comment box?

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