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The article provides the complete details about the new character launched during Easter, and players can try Huge Easter Cat How to Get.

Are you enjoying playing simulator X games? Do you know the recent updates to the game? Did you search for the latest release of the game? This article briefly describes the new character that is released for Easter. For more updates, have a look at the below article.

The game is popular among people worldwide, like Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The players enjoy the new characters that are updated in the game.

Get more details of Huge Easter Cat How to Get in below.

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What is a Huge Easter Cat?

The most exclusive pet in Pet Simulator X is Easter Cat. The hatching process of the Easter Cat happens during the occasion of Easter. The cat is obtained by breaking the huge legendary egg, a yellow egg. There is no chance for other eggs to hatch at the time of Easter. The hatching of an egg cannot confirm by a staff member. It is based on the period of egg-opening and the pet database. Chances of an Easter Egg are ~0.002% or 1/2000.

How to Get Huge Easter Cat in Pet Simulator X?

The Easter pets are all about the hunt for getting them. Like any good Easter activity, Easter eggs are scattered throughout Pet Simulator X. Whenever players come across checks, safes, boxes, lockers, and coin piles on a map. There’s a possibility that the player finds an Easter egg. one can get one of the many possible Pet Simulator X Easter pets by smashing the eggs with your pets before the event ends. Each Easter egg type varies in its chance of dropping a Huge Easter Cat, ranging from basic to legendary eggs. 17 Easter pets are newly launched as of now.

Huge Easter Cat How to Get

Below are a few details of the Easter cat and its appearance.

  • It is a limited-edition Huge Pet that only lasts a few days.
  • It is a larger version of this pet.
  • A golden/rainbow is hatched from this exclusive by using the Magic Eggs Game pass or Maxed out Eggs Mastery, but it cannot transform into a gold animal.
  • Legendary Easter Eggs are the only way to obtain this huge.
  • Pets like this have bunny ears, but they are similar to a Huge Cat.

Below are a few tips to know Huge Easter Cat How to Get, players spend most of their time in updated high-level zones, leaving older zones mostly empty. To maximize your chances of finding Easter eggs, head to the middle of the new player zone.


As per research, Pet Simulator X is a trending game with new characters launched during a special event and appears for a few days, and players enjoy the new characters. Now one more update Easter Cat is available at Easter.

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