Is Gigachad Real Person or Just a CGI?

Gigachad Real Person

Gigachad Real Person >> Is Gigachad Real Person or Just a CGI? This article is about the reality of the Chad of Chads or the Alpha male.

Have you heard about Gigachad? Who doesn’t want to be an Alpha male extremely strong and taller than any average chad? Everyone does, right? The internet is shaken by one such of Gigachad’s photos. 

Everyone is wondering if the photos are real or fake. It is natural for one to wish if they could change something in their appearance. People in the United States and the United Kingdom spend billions of dollars every year on plastic surgery.

We are here today to bust the bubble and answer the question- is Gigachad Real Person? Read the article till the end to know everything out there about Gigachad. 

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What Does Gigachad Mean?

Let me first tell you what a Chad means. A Chad is a slag for an “Alpha Male” or someone confident and active with bulging biceps. A Gigachad is the ultimate man or Chad of all the Chads. Or Alpha male to all the Alphas. A Gigachad would be someone who could dominate every weakling or one who can be a friend to Satan.

But is there someone like this, might these all plain rumors? Is Gigachad Real Person

Where Did Gigachad Emerge from? 

The viral photos of Gigachad are said to be of a Russian model. His identity is Ernest Khalimov but, his photographs have never been found outside the memes on social media. The fact that the Gigachad indeed is a real person blew away everyone’s mind who thought him to be a CGI. 

But how does one have such features and being closest to be the fictional superhero HULK? Some say that such body can only be made by heavy usage of drugs like steroids. And cleanly editing the raw images from the shoot. Well, could it all be edited and deny Gigachad Real Person? Let us find out.

The Bitter Truth of Gigachad

Every photo available of the Gigachad has been clicked and posted by Krista Sudmalis, a photographer working on the project called “Sleek’N’Tears” featuring the Gigachad. He is referred to as “1969” exclusively in the project. The model hasn’t have found in any of the behind-the-scenes videos or any raw footage. 

Many people have claimed that the model is her boyfriend. She photoshops him to be the Gigachad. A guy has posted the before and after photo of the duo on Twitter. Which answers that there is no Gigachad Real Person. It is safe to assume that the features of the Gigachad have been digitally created by Sudmalis.


The real-life Hulk Gigachad turns to be neither authentic nor completely fake or CGI. He is just a product of modern editing software and excellence in editing. Although the beast is said to be the Alpha Male, 95% of men are seen on the thread only to know the reality. 

What are your thoughts on the Gigachad? Could there be someone like him without the editing? What are your feedbacks on our reality of Gigachad Real Person? Comment below.

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