Is Delayed Disconnect Phone Scam {April} The Caller Online Scam!

Is Delayed Disconnect Phone Scam

Is Delayed Disconnect Phone Scam {April} The Caller Online Scam! >> Has receiver been charged with unknown charges on their credit card? You must know the facts before believing in fake calls.

Are you aware of the phone connection scam? The recent call scam has hit the social media platforms again.

Is Delayed Disconnect Phone Scam? This new scam initiates with the call and claims to be from your bank. It tells the receiver that the phone call is from their bank’s fraud department to provide them some information.

Many people in Canada are wondering if the call from the bank is genuine or not. They also want to know the facts about their suspicious charges.

This article will help you know if the delayed disconnect call is fake or trustworthy.

What Is Delayed Disconnect Phone?

A delayed disconnect phone is a fake call from the scammers claiming to be calling from the receiver’s bank. Do you want to know that Is Delayed Disconnect Phone Scam

This fake call will not ask for any personal information or financial details. It insists receiver call their bank’s fraud department.

It informs that receiver needs to call on the number mentioned on the back of their bank or credit card.

How Does the Delayed Disconnect Phone Initiate?

The delayed disconnect phone call is initiated after the receiver calls back on the number mentioned on their card.

The call doesn’t get disconnected even after you hang up. It is where the scam starts. The phone call will not be disconnected, and the caller will remain even if you hang up.

Receivers call back on the number stated at the back of their bank of credit card to save themselves from bogus charges.

Is Delayed Disconnect Phone Scam?

Delayed disconnect scam is initiated by scammers working in teams. When you pick up your landline phone, scammers will play a pre-recorded dialer done and then answer your call.

The call will be full of queries related to your identity, address, or your card details. However, a few individuals could make out that it is a fake call.

It attempts to pretend that your call is being transferred to someone else or the other department.

Scammers will claim that you are charged hundreds of dollars on your credit card. Many people who experienced this new scam called or rushed to their banks to know the facts. 

We hope you got the answer to your query about that Is Delayed Disconnect Phone Scam?

Final Verdict:

Delayed Disconnect is a new phone scam claiming to be from the receiver’s bank. It also claims that the receiver is getting trapped into a scam of fake charges.

This call direct to some scammer who provides details of their bogus charges. However, it is a delayed disconnect scam.

We advise our viewers not to believe in calling back to fake numbers and avoid using the landline for at least 15 to 20 min.

The caller remains on the call even if you disconnect, and they trap by charging the amount on your credit card.

Is Delayed Disconnect Phone Scam? Authorities are trying to break the myth and find out the culprits behind the delayed disconnect scam.

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