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This post on the Found Human Remains Lake Mead talks about the dead bodies found in lake Mead and the reason why that happened.

Are you aware of Lake Mead? Do you know why this lake has been in the news recently? Lake Mead has recovered about three bodies in the past year. This has made news in the United States, Canada. These bodies have been found due to decreasing sea level of the lake and the pollution in the reservoir. Park Rangers recovered these bodies. 

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How were bodies found in Lake Mead? 

Lake Mead is a famous reservoir in the States. The lake is used for people to learn about their history and go for a swim. However, in the past year, there have been bodies being recovered from the lake due to the sea level droppings. The first body was found on May 1, where the body was assumed to have died in the 70s or the 80s. Another body was found on May 7; the death timing of the body has still not been discovered. 

 Human Remains Found in Lake Mead most recently was on July 27. The people swimming in the lake found the body and called the authorities. The Park Rangers arrived and set a perimeter for the park so that no one could enter the premises. The Clark county office has been working tirelessly to discover the cause of the death. These dead bodies are a result of the lowering water levels in the country’s reservoirs. Not only dead bodies but sunken boats from World War II were seen due to the lowering water levels. 

Why were there Found Human Remains Lake Mead

There have been numerous bodies found in Lake Mead. The reason that the authorities have exclaimed is the receding water levels of the country’s reservoirs. It was stated that 40 million people rely on the Colorado river. It is the second largest water body in the country. In this river, the water has fallen very low. This has had its effect on Lake Mead as well. The water level of Lake Mead is 1,040, which means that it has fallen about 174 meters below since it was measured in 2000. The Human Remains Found in Lake Mead is just the beginning of what could lead to a horrifying future for the lake and its inhabitants. 


In summation of this essay, one has seen that Lake Mead has found about 3 dead bodies in the past year. Not only dead bodies but also sunken ships from during the time of World War II. All of these findings are a result of the lowering of water levels. The water level is the lowest since the lake was filled in 1971. This can lead to catastrophic consequences for the lake and the people dependent on this lake. Check this link- for more information

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