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National Anthem Brittney Griner {August 2022} Read Here!

Through this post, National Anthem Brittney Griner, one can learn about Brittney’s stance on not standing up for the National Anthem and how people responded to it. 

Are you aware of the WNBA player Britteny Griner? Do you know the National Anthem is played before a WNBA game? Brittany Griner has often voiced her opinion against standing up during the National Anthem, or the Anthem is even played before the game. This news has made swirls in United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. 

To know more about National Anthem Brittney Griner, please read further. 

Who is Brittney Griner? 

Brittany Griner is known as the Phoenix Mercury star. She has been detained in Russia for a drug case and can face a prison sentence of about 10 years there. The stance that she has taken about the National Anthem clearly states that one should not play the National Anthem before the game. She has even, on, times kneeled during the National Anthem. Similar protests were made in the year 2016 by Colin Kaepernick. 

There has been much retaliation since this event happened. The Brittney Griner National Anthem Protest has everyone thinking and mulling that it should be seen and governed as to who represents the country on any platform. Brittney Griner is a two-time Olympic gold winner and has won nine all-star WNBAs. She has also represented the country in the Russian Premier and, thus, was known as the Phoenix Mercury. Although her career has been filled with disputes and brawls, one of which was even with her wife, for which both were arrested and suspended from the court once. 

What is the case of the National Anthem Brittney Griner?

As mentioned before, people have retaliated for the comments that Brittney Griner has given. Some of these comments are from people like Larry Elder and Johnny Blade, well-known personalities in the basketball world. Larry Elder made a sarcastic remark about the fact that Brittney returns to America and she will stand for the Anthem. This remark has made stirs in the country. Johnny Blade said she should return from Russia with some respect for the country now. These remarks have made people think about how they want their sports superstars to be. The Brittney Griner National Anthem Protest has everyone against her principles. 


In summation of the essay, Brittney Griner has made history by winning two Olympic medals and nine-star WNBAs, but her personal life has been a bit of a brawl. She has given her stance about how she would not stand up for the National Anthem before the game. After she got arrested in Russia, this statement got everyone retaliated and distrusted the sportsperson. She is likely to face a prison sentence of 10 years if the charges are accurate. Check this link for more information

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