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Charlotte School Bus Accident {May} Full Incident Detail

This article is about the Charlotte School Bus Accident and the information regarding the injured people. Read more.

Do you want to know about the school bus accident in Charlotte? Are you interested to know how many children got injured in that accident? If so, keep reading this article till the end.

People from the United States are shocked after getting this unfortunate accident.

If you want to know more about Charlotte School Bus Accidentyou should not leave this article.

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School Bus Accident in Charlotte

An unfortunate accident happened in Charlotte where a school bus got crashed. Mecklenburg School revealed that 40 students were on board, and the bus was on the way to South Mecklenburg School. The school authorities further revealed that 17 people got hurt, including 15 students. However, it was also disclosed that their injuries were not life-threatening.

The accident occurred after the school bus collided with the dump truck. The drivers of both school buses and dump trucks were pinned in their vehicles. A School Bus Accident Charlotte NC is now on the news, and people are eager to know about the accident.

Although it was told that the injuries were not life-threatening, one suffered life-threatening injuries, and a person was taken to the hospital. An official from Charlotte fire revealed that it took 30 minutes to make free the bus driver and one hour to get the take out the truck driver from the vehicle. An operations supervisor said that both drivers were conscious and stable at the scene. Such an accident is very unfortunate. Many times, an accident happens due to reckless driving. Clarendon Hills Metra Accident is similar to this accident.

Parents of students are very worried and shocked after the incident. Some of them blame the driver of the school bus.

Where is Charlotte?

Charlotte is one of the most populated cities in the U.S. It is located in the Piedmont region. According to the census of 2020, the population of this city was 874 579. Thus, Charlotte is the 16th most populated known city in the U.S. and called as the second-most populous city in the Southeast. Once Charlotte was ranked as the country’s fast-growing metro area. It is the third-fastest growing major city in the United States.

More on Charlotte School Bus Accident

Investigation regarding the accident is still going on. It was a lucky day as not many children got injured heavily. But they somehow have been saved. But the number of injured people varies as authorities say that 17 total people were hurt, and 15 were students out of these 17 people. It took 30 minutes to get the school bus driver out of the bus, and firefighters helped.


A school bus accident is very common nowadays. School authorities should take proper care in this regard. Schools should take driving tests before employing a bus driver. It is a good idea to avert accidents like Charlotte School Bus Accident. To know more, please visit the link.  

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