Trang Chu {May 2022} Know Its Legitimacy!

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The article describes all the details about Trang Chu and lets the users know how to earn money on this website.

Have you heard of the latest website that helps to make money online? We will give you information about the website that helps you make money online through a link provided. You have to shorten the link and send it to others. When they open the link, you get money transferred to your account. People of Vietnam, Indonesia and India, have been using this website to earn money. We will give you more details about this website, Trang Chu, in this article.

Why is the website trending?

Trang Chu Kiemlua is the website that was formed to earn money by shortening the link, and it was launched in 2018, but it grew strongly in 2020. The website has managed to gather many members and has over 2000 withdrawals. Many other websites in Vietnam have been known to earn money through various means. The website admin is an enthusiastic person, and it has gained attention on Facebook and gathered many people on social media. The website gives full freedom for link configuration according to your choice.

Legitimacy points on Trang Chu

The website has managed to gain huge limelight, and if we look at the trust index of the website, it has a trust rating of 60%, which is an average score. The website was formed on 21/09/2020 and has made a strong pace. The payment on this website is within 24 hours, and you need $ 3 as a minimum payment to withdraw your money. The website also has customer support that promises to work 24*7 to solve all your queries. The amount transfer is done through PayPal, Bank transfer and Momo.

How to Register on Trang Chu

To register on this website, one has to follow various steps to earn money. The steps are mentioned below.

  • The first step that you can do is to visit the link mentioned on the website, under your ref.
  • The second step is to fill in all the information as required, such as photo, username, email and password. You also have the option of logging in through a Google account.
  • The process can easily register you on the website, and you are good to go.

Following these easy steps can help you earn money on Trang Chu through the shortening links. If you want to know all the details of the website, you can visit the section here and get all the relevant details about the website.


We can conclude by saying that the website seems legitimate as it has gathered various viewers on social media websites. Users have also used this website to earn money, and many of them have given a positive response. What do you think about the website? Have you ever visited any such websites that help to earn money? What were your experiences on Trang Chu Kiemlua.comComment your views below.

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