Calcics Com Reviews {Nov} Is This Scam or Legit? Find!

Calcics Com Reviews Online Website Reviews

Read the article on Calcics com Reviews to find out the answer to the question- Is Calcics com Scam or Legit?

Are you looking for a place to buy fashionable clothes for men? Many fashion lovers from the United States have asked about an online shopping website called Calcics. Some of you might have heard about the Calcics website.

As the website is not known to many people, it will be better to learn all the information about the Calcics website. So, we suggest our readers read the article on the Calcics com Reviews to get detailed information about the Calcics website and all of its authentication points.

About the Calcics com Reviews:

An online shopping website, Calcics, sells men’s clothing at a reasonable price. They have a collection of men’s jackets, shirts, and tops. If you are a fashionista who loves to wear modern outfits, you can check the Calcics website. But there is one negative point about the Calcics website that can demotivate the viewers to check further. The Calcics website does not have a huge collection of men’s clothing. Let’s see some of their items.

  • Men’s Casual Oversized Coat Jacket
  • Men’s Casual Outdoor Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Men’s Casual Outdoor Oversized Sweater
  • Men’s Casual Outdoor Linen Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Men’s Casual Oversized Denim Coat Jacket

Check out the specifications of the Calcics website:

Official URL-

Contact Details- Calcics does not mention any contact number on their official website. So, this lack of information forces everyone to find an answer to the question- Is Calcics com Scam or Legit?

Owner’s Name- The owner’s name and details are not mentioned in the official website of Calcics.

Company Name- The website does not mention its company’s name.

Company Address- No company address is available on the official website of Calcics.

Social Media Availability- We could not find any social media sites logos in the website. That means the Calcics website is not available on social media.

Shipping Time- 5 to 12 business days.

Delivery Time- 5 to 12 business days.

Shipping Charges- Free shipping is available on orders above €40. However, customers need to pay extra charges if they order something below €40. Also, don’t forget to get an answer to the question- Is Calcics com Scam or Legit?

Return Policy- Within 14 days, customers can return the product.

Cancellation Policy- Customers need to cancel any order before shipping.

Refund Policy- Within a certain period of days, customers can get their refund.

FAQs- We have not found any FAQs on the official website of Calcics.

Payment Methods- The Calcics website accepts Discover, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and many other options for payment.

Pros of the Calcics website:

  • If you subscribe to the Calcics website, you will get a 10% discount on your first order.
  • If you buy two more items, you will save an extra 5%.
  • The website accepts various payment methods.

Cons of the Calcics website:

  • The website has only a few collections of men’s clothing.
  • The website lacks its owner’s name and details.
  • The website is not active on any social media platforms.
  • Customer details might not be safe with the Calcics website. They can share your details with third-party websites.

Calcics com Reviews:

Now, we will discuss the most vital part of a website. Authentication points of a website are the most crucial. So, here we mentioned all the authentication points of the Calcics website.

Website Creation Date- 7 November 2023.

Age- 12 days only.

Update Date- 7 November 2023.

Expiration Date- 7 November 2024.

Trust Score- Only 3.7%.

Owner’s Details- The owner’s details are not available on the official website of the Calcics. That’s why customers want the answer to the question- Is Calcics com Scam or Legit?

Phishing Score- 72 out of 100.

Spam Score- 17 out of 100.

Malware Score- 47 out of 100.

Proximity to Suspicious Websites- 100 out of 100.

Threat Profile Score- 72 out of 100.

Domain Protection- The domain is HTTPS protected.

Are there any customer reviews available for the Calcics website?

We have searched for customer reviews for the Calcics website. However, we could not find a single customer review. The website is only twelve days old. So, the maximum number of customers are unaware of this website. Also, many other online portals warned consumers not to purchase any items from the Calcics website. So, before taking any further action, please read- how to detect a credit card scam.

Social Media Links:

  • We could not find any blogs.
  • The website is unavailable on social media.


The website lacks Calcics com Reviews, so it will be better not to shop for anything from there. We don’t want our readers to face any scams. Instead of shopping from the Calcics website, select an authentic and trustworthy shopping portal to buy men’s oversized sweaters.

Do you want to visit this website? Please comment and read- how to be safe from a PayPal scam.

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