Free Robux (March) Getting Free Robux-Really? Free Robux 2021 . Free Robux (March) Getting Free Robux-Really? >> This article details an online website and checks if it is legit or a scam by considering different aspects of it.

The Free Robux (actual searchability with is a site that redirects the users to website. The website is available worldwide including the Philippines, the United Kingdom and the United States. The users on the website are offered robux coins after signing up on the website. 

Who wouldn’t like to earn Robux coins from a website? However, it is extremely necessary to consider the authenticity of the website by checking certain criterion.

In this article, we provide a complete description and detail about the website and check if it’s legit. Thus, do not forget to read the entire article till the end.

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What is Blox.Site Free Robux? is a website that directs the user to another page, i.e. Blox.Land. The website offers customers the opportunity to learn Robux dollars. However, the user must sign up for the community and start earning the coins and withdrawing them. Yet, it is necessary to not get duped by scam, and hence the user must be sure before using the website.

For checking the legitimacy, we need to consider some specific conditions. So let’s look at a few. Besides, we need to check both sites for validating the authenticity of the websites. Let’s begin:

Is Blox.Site Free Robux Legit or a Scam? has a very bad trust score of 1%, which signals more investigations from the user. The domain was created recently and it was also upgraded during January 2021

On the other hand, the website has a high trust score of 93%. The website domain was also created long back in the year 2018, in May. It was also recently upgraded during March 2021.

Customer Reviews

Another criterion for checking the authenticity of the website is checking the customer reviews. We need to check the customer reviews for both websites. So, let’s check about Blox.Site Free Robux and has mixed customer reviews, but mostly negative for the website. On the other hand, has many customer reviews listed on different review sites. All the customer reviews are mixed. 

Some of the reviews range from describing the website for its excellent service and speed. Additionally, many have also rated as a good website for buying robux. But some are also quoting it as a scam.

Final Verdict – User research recommended

Checking all the specifications listed above, we can claim if the website is legit or not. The Free Robux has mostly negative customer reviews and has a very low trust score. 

Thus, we can conclude that the website seems to be suspicious. However, we recommend users research from their side before we you purchase the Robux coins online.

What is your experience of using the website? We do like to know your views. Please do share your opinions with us in the comments box below.

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