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Have you heard the resignation news of the CEO of Jupiter Fund Management, Andrew Formica that has created a storm on the internet? Are you thinking of the details of this gentleman? In this article, you will get all the details about him.

Jupiter Fund Management Company is very popular in the United Kingdom, just like other companies in the United States and Canada. Here we will discuss the personal details and Andrew Formica Net Worth 2022.

Net Worth of Andrew Formica

Andrew Formica was the CEO and also a member of the Board Of Directors of Jupiter Fund Management Company. He started his career in the field of Fund Management Company in 1993. Later, he excelled in his career through his hard work.

As he served as the CEO of a reputed company, the net worth of Andrew Formica is 25 million USD. Though we cannot tell the exact net worth, we can ensure that the worth is huge.

As the CEO of the company, Andrew Formica Salary was GBX 1,322,000. We can understand after researching his salary that he was paid an enviable amount as the CEO and Board Director of the company. We also noticed while researching his worth that he earned most of the amount from his profession.

There must be other sources of income from which he earned money, but we cannot get any clue about these sources. It would be stupid if anyone thought that this kind of famous person, who holds a prestigious position in a renowned company, would share all of his income details with the public. We must look into the family members of Andrew Formica.

Andrew Formica Wife: Know The Details About His Family

After investigating on social media, we know that he is married to a beautiful lady though his wife’s name is not disclosed in public. We also learn that he has four children and was married in a grand ceremony in Sydney.

We also can understand that he has a happy married life. Most of the time, we see a huge celebration announcement with family members if any reputed person resigned from their designated post, but we cannot see anything in this time.

Why Is Andrew Formica Net Worth 2022 Trending In News?

Though we all know to ask a man about his income is bad manners, we cannot help to show interest in knowing about income when we hear of anyone working in a high position. 

From the time the resignation of Andrew Formica spreads over the internet, the most asked question which is circulating through the internet is what is the net worth of Andrew Formica? This is the reason this news is trending.


This article provides detailed information about Andrew Formica, his family, wife, children, and most importantly, his salary and Andrew Formica Net Worth 2022. After reading this article, we hope that readers will be fully aware of the persona, Andrew Formica

Please note all the details are entirely based on internet research. Who is your favourite businessman? Tell us the reason for making that person your favourite in the comment section. 

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