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Buyer’s Guide: 6 Sinn Watches That You Should Buy

Helmut Sinn founded his own specialty watch shop in Frankfurt in 1961, naming it “Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren.” Sinn was well-versed in the field, having taught blind-flight training and served in the military during World War II. German watch aficionados regard Sinn as one of the world’s most innovative and technologically sophisticated watchmakers. Sinn hasn’t slowed down its pace of invention despite its relative infancy.

Collectors of watches and people interested in the history of timepieces should have this brand on hand. Although Sinn watches is primarily known for its chronographs, it produced a fantastic dive watch in 2005. The U1 was remarkable for abandoning stainless steel in favor of steel used in submarine construction. You should be familiar with this list of Sinn watches before purchasing aids your knowledge of the brand.

1. Sinn 103

This Sinn 103 pilot’s chronograph has a classic design, yet it’s packed with cutting-edge technology. These wristwatches, which take their design cues from the instrument panel clocks used in airplanes, are packed with features that will come in handy for pilots and other professionals alike. Because of the mechanism within, these chronograph clocks contain additional functions such as day, date, and second-time zone.

It comes in various colors and layouts, as well as different materials for the case and bezel, straps, movements, and other features designed by SINN. Stainless steel and titanium models predominate in this magnificent assortment. In addition to Diapal and Ar-Dehumidifying Technology, these strong and dependable tool timepieces have a 41mm case diameter. They can withstand 200 meters of water.

2. Sinn 104

The Sinn 104’s vintage-inspired appearance makes it simple to read, and the dial’s anthracite sunburst effect makes it eye-catching. This pilot’s watch features a sapphire crystal with a double anti-reflective coating that reveals the SW 220-1 self-winding movement on the rear of the case. The stainless steel 41mm case and polished stainless steel band round out the 104’s feature set. Fine ratcheting and clock/counter-clock rotation are possible for the pilot’s bezel. The Sinn pilot watch is resistant to water up to 200 meters and has hands and numbers that glow in the dark. It is also well-made, such that it is readable in any light.

3. Sinn U1

Sinn Spezialuhren’s U1 is a professional-grade diving instrument. The largest classification body in the world, DNV (previously DNV GL), certifies the water resistance of this deep diver. The German Navy’s new submarine class 212 uses the same high-strength, seawater-resistant, and nonmagnetic steel on the external hulls. The ultimate tool watch is made of German submarine steel and has a water resistance rating of 1,000 meters (100 atm).

It was necessary to build each U1 to meet the European standards for diving equipment (EN 250/EN 14143) and DIN 8309’s anti-magnetic and diving norm DIN 8306. The crown is set at 4 o’clock to alleviate strain on the wrist. Covering the top of the case is anti-reflective (AR)-coated sapphire crystal glass. A steel case back with a screw-in head secures the watch’s back. Added protection against low-intensity pressure. The SW 200-1 Swiss-made self-winding movement powers the U1 timepiece.

4. Sinn 856

The Sinn 856 is the most pared-down of the company’s offerings. The dial has the same high-contrast black bezel and raised white appliqué indexes. Because of the watch’s thin, raised bezel and modest wrist presence, the 40mm stainless steel body features a large dial. Despite its diminutive size, the second hand’s white tone makes it easy to spot. There are Arabic numbers at 12, 3, 6, and 9, in addition to the date window at 4 o’clock. The 856 features a Sellita SW300-1 mechanism, and the SW 220-1 is the obvious parallel for this action–and to make the 856 in an 11mm case, Sinn made use of this. The 856 features a sapphire crystal, a screw-down crown, and water resistance of up to 30 meters (20 feet).

5. Sinn 556

The 556 stands out from the crowd. It has broad lugs and a partially covered crown, typical of a massive, heavy watch. Despite this, it looks and feels like a more normal watch on the wrist. SIN 556’s overall performance is remarkable in every way. This 38.5mm stainless steel watch is one of the brand’s most contemporary models. At about 11 millimeters thick, the casing is a modern stainless steel thinnest ever in a timepiece. If you’re looking for a watch that isn’t too big or too small, this one’s for you. The smaller wrists of women will also benefit from this. The Sellita SW 220-1 is a part of the movement. Thus, the 556 is also suitable for swimming.

6. Sinn EZM 12

The EZM-12 is a timer designed specifically for air rescue. The watch’s count-up inner circular bezel makes it simple to see time intervals like the platinum ten-minute mark and golden hour. Countdown revolving bezels on the outside and a pulse rotor with a PulsRotor scale for detecting heart rate round out the watch’s features list. Its stainless steel housing diameter is 44mm, and the detachable silicone strap and bezel allow for straightforward disinfection. Inside the EZM 12 is a Swiss-made ETA 2836-2 automatic movement that shows the day and date through a window at 9 o’clock.


If you’re looking for accurate information on the Sinn watch brand, Using this list, you may make an informed choice and discover more about this company. There are many Sinn timepieces to choose from, and the list above should serve as a good starting point. Visit TheWatchCompany.com if you’d like to see more Sinn watches worth your money.

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