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Write for Us Health Paid Guest Post

The article Write for Us Health Paid Guest Post explains the Cinejoia team’s SEO rules and documentation methodology to the guest post writers.

The pandemic situation helped us focus on the health sector and its workings. Many countries have started spending their money on the health sector. So nowadays, health has become a trending topic, and many people have started to lead a healthy lifestyle to aid their thought processes and to create a healthy world. Cinejoia has decided to publish authentic Write for Us Health Paid Guest Post articles for our readers with the help of guest post writers.

About our website Cinejoia. tv

The Cinejoia. tv website is an emerging popular content creation platform, and we have subdivided our articles into reviews and general articles. The general articles help more people to enlighten themselves by reading our Health Paid + Write for Us articles.

The review-type articles help people to stay vigilant against illicit websites and products. We are helping thousands of people save their money from scammers.

And the covered topics are,

  • Money
  • Product and website reviews
  • Shopping and gaming tips
  • Health care
  • Technology
  • Latest News
  • Health care and its associated topics 

Write for Us Health Paid articles: Essential Expertise

The Cinejoia team came up with the most critical topics for our audience. Everyone’s health is paramount, irrespective of age, race, or gender. Thus, to address such important topics, we expect the guest post writers to have excellent knowledge in the field of health care. We want to publish “Write for Us” + Health Paid articles in a different spectrum, ranging from medicinal aspects to health insurance and government grants.

  • The medical professional can contribute their valuable experience and knowledge to our platform.
  • We need some legal and financial experts to cover the health insurance topics. Because health insurance has entered every household, we need to expose the topic further to our readers.

List of suggested Write for Us + Health Paid topics 

  • The real faces of non-communicable diseases and why they need immediate attention and an action plan
  • Importance of maintaining a physically fit body
  • Ways to improve psychological health and its helpline numbers
  • How stress levels affect the health of the body
  • The guest post authors can pick an exclusive topic on women’s health for their “Write for Us” + “Health Paid” articles.
  • Governmental schemes and grants for improving the health and wellness of the family
  • List of foods that need to be taken and not taken
  • Economically friendly food options for all age groups
  • Tips to reduce screen time for a healthy mind and body 

Documentation rules to be followed while presenting Health Paid Write for Us articles

  • Articles should be 100% authentic and credible; strictly, writers should not add any assumptions or misleading content.
  • There should not be any form of plagiarism; articles should be 100 percent free from plagiarism and piracy.
  • The guest post writers should not commit any grammar or vocabulary errors. They can make use of the Grammarly application for clarifications.
  • The word length range for Write for Us + Health Paid article has been set between 500 and 1500.
  • The articles shouldn’t be presented like essays; they must be neatly divided into an introduction, subheadings, bullets, and a conclusion. It adds more value to the article, and it also helps to increase the readability score of the article. The readability score should be around 80%.

SEO rules for “Write for Us” + Health Paid articles

  • Search engine optimization techniques need to be implemented in the article, so the authors must search for high-SEO value keywords and use them in their respective works without fail.
  • Internal and external links help to boost the SEO score of the article, and they also have the added benefit of helping us to reduce the spam value of the article.

Why choose Cinejoia for Health Paid + “Write for Us” articles?

  • The Cinejoia reader base is more diversified and more prominent in number, so their efforts to read the guest post articles will genuinely benefit the authors.
  • We have the newsletter option to reach and engage with our readers, which helps the article to reach more web impressions and Google rankings.

How to submit the Health Paid “Write for Us” article?

Persons who are willing to submit their work can make use of this infocinejoia@gmail.com. But please submit the completed articles. Suggestions and clarifications can be requested using this editorial team’s email address. Don’t submit the articles in PDF format. We may make some modifications.


We hope that we have clearly explained all the vital points to the writers. Editing and formatting are indispensable parts of the writing industry, so our team has all the rights to edit the selected Write for Us Health Paid Guest Post articles. And the Cinejoia selection process will be more transparent here, where talent and skills outshine everything, so come and exhibit your writing talent with us through Health articles.

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