Write for Us General Guest Post: All Fair Details!

Write for Us General Guest Post

This article Write for Us General Guest Post quotes the necessary information to be conveyed for the writers to present the articles on the Cinejoia site.

Are you the type of person who feels today’s internet is being filled with more false and misleading information? If your answer is yes, then we are the platform to support your views and skills. 

Now, it’s time to convey the accurate and legitimate information that needs to be conveyed to the people. Our content writing platform stands for its authentic sources. We are on the right path to publishing only factual content to our readers via Write for Us General Guest Post articles

Introduction to Cinejoia. tv

The Cinejoia. tv platform is one of the most famous and popular reviewing and content-creating platforms. Our core values are more customer-friendly and against any cyber fraudsters and misleading information. Our priorities differ from those of other websites, so our General + Write for Us article readers come before everything for us. 

So, we are paying more attention to every article that gets published by our team. 

 The work of the Cinejoia teams comes under the following categories:

  • Website review
  • Latest product reviews
  • Recent and important current affairs news
  • Shopping Tips          
  • Gaming tips
  • Business and start-up news and ideas
  • Technology advancements
  • Health care

Write for Us General Articles Skillsets Requirement Details

As we have come up with general topics, it can be any general things revolving around our lives. From entertainment to NASA’s Artemis mission. But our website is home to a global audience, so the topics should be addressed at the global level.

  • The necessary skills for writing that are needed for this “Write for Us” + General articles are the ability to present the topic in a well-organized and in-depth manner.
  • The intermediate level of the English language is a critical skill that we expect from our guest post contributors.
  • We give more importance to the value of each writer’s work, so we don’t expect any particular graduation degree, so people from any educational background can contribute their genuine work with us.

Write for Us + General article: Sample Topics

  • Trends in the digital currency
  • The economic slowdown in the countries and its reasons
  • The real principles of feminism and its associated topics
  • Modern solutions and conventions to address pollution and global warming
  • Sustainable goals and their reality
  • Limelight on the eco-friendly lifestyle
  • The Guest Post Contributors can also pick up on “Write for Us” + “General” topics like modern-day scams and ways to be vigilant. Each day, we get many irrelevant calls and emails, which can be the source of a scam, and many people are falling for it. So, we have to create awareness on that topic.
  • Major health problems and their prevention techniques

General Write for Us Article Presenting Guidelines

Our team is composed of the most talented and skilled writers striving to publish plagiarism-free and credible content for our golden readers. So, we expect the same from the guest post author’s side too.

  • The articles should be 100% unique, and plagiarised articles will be eliminated during the selection process.
  • Write for Us+ General articles should be cross-checked with the Grammarly application, and the Grammarly score has to be above 98 percent.
  • We provide the leverage for the writers to choose their word limit for the article but it can only go up to 2000 and submit articles with at least 500 words.
  • The readability score should be above 80 % to make that happen. Writers should use subheadings, bullets, etc.

“Write for Us” + General article SEO Rules and Suggestions

  • Articles should be written in the SEO-friendly manner, so the writers should include the required amount of keywords with a higher SEO weightage score.
  • The keyword density should be maintained uniformly; don’t use all the keywords in one place.
  • External and internal links should be added at the bottom of the article without fail, and they need to be in bold and colored.

Cinejoia General + “Write for Us” offerings to writers

Our Cinejoia team has a newsletter option, and many of our readers have subscribed to it, so when the guest post article gets posted, they will receive updates on their respective email accounts. So, the guest post author’s work will reach our readers easily. There is a high chance that our readers will read the articles regularly.

General “Write for Us” Article Submission Ways

The guest post articles should be submitted via this infocinejoia@gmail.com. This is our editorial team’s email address, so the writers can also ask their doubts regarding editing or formatting. All guest post writers should proofread their articles before submission.


Cinejoia platform will be the perfect place for the writers to learn many new things, so we hope to receive many Write for Us General Guest Postfrom the authors side. The writers should agree to all our terms and conditions before submission; changes cannot be made after that. We appreciate your interest in writing general articles on our platform.

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