Wordle Metro {June 2022} Correct Answer For Puzzle 373?

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The mentioned article reveals the correct answer for Wordle number 373 and further details of Wordle Metro.

Do you know these days the Wordle is trying to make the puzzles exciting? Are you also trying to find the correct answer for the 27th June puzzle? Players from worldwide are trying to sneak the correct answer for Puzzle. 

Certainly, with the help of research, the audience is trying to learn new words and meanings with a wonderful game version. If you are also looking for a new word with a similar rhyme, read below for more detail on Wordle Metro!

Is metro the correct or fake answer for Wordle?

The correct answer for the puzzle number 373 on the 27th of June 2022 is not mentioned by many players on an online website. Most players have mistaken the answer due to rhyme and similar spelling issues.

However, after the official release of the answer, the correct word that got misspelled by thousands of players is mentioned below. The correct answer was not METRO but RETRO.

Certainly, people looking for the difference between the two words can look below for the definition given by the experts.

Check definition for Retro and Wordle Metro Game

  • RETRO MEANING – it is an imitative style of fashion that can be represented by clothes, music, or any other cultural fashion. It is generally pointed out as a nostalgic or old fashion look from the past.
  • METRO MEANING- an underground railway system that transits in cities and towns based on their electricity and other nonfuel means. It is a way of transportation that helps traveling from different places.

Hints for today’s Puzzle

  • The letter consists of 5 alphabets.
  • It has two vowels in between which are E and O.
  • The first letter starts with the alphabet R.

Rules to play Wordle Metro online

Some rules to play the Wordle puzzle are as follows:-

  • The Wordle can only be attempted with 6 times of answer changes.
  • The middle and starting word are already fixed; kindly try to solve the last two alphabets to complete the answer.
  • The Wordle has two vowels. Thus, the hints for the below puzzle are mentioned last.

Are there gifts for winners?

The wordle game is based on the streaks, and the highest completed scores are related to the regular challenges. Unfortunately, there are no such gifts for winners, but one thing every user achieves is new words and meaning!

Why is this trending?

The players are having fun in solving Wordle Metro Game similar word and spelling-related puzzles. Unfortunately, due to the misunderstanding, some players post the wrong answer on the internet. Certainly, the correct answer is not revealed until and unless the official website is posted with guidelines.

Similarly, the Puzzle got trending as the correct answer and guidelines were revealed on the official platform.


In conclusion, as per internet research, the experts say that the answer for the 373 puzzles is RETRO. But unfortunately, the players got the wrong answer due to the similarities of words and spelling. 

Further, click here to know more details for 373 wordle answer. What was your answer in regards to Wordle Metro? Comment your answer for the same! .

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