Why Is There No King Of England (April) Know Reason Here!

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Why Is There No King Of England (April) Know Reason Here! >> After reading this article, you would know why there is only the Queen ruling, and not the King. Please check here to know the details.

Do you also find it arduous to understand the chaotic hierarchy of England? Do you also wonder what powers and rights does a Queen possesses?

People worldwide, especially in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, India, wonder Why Is There No King Of England. Queen Elizabeth 2nd is serving the position from last more than six decades. 

Today in this article, we would determine the reason behind this uncommon hierarchy and get in touch with the Queen’s powers. So, please stay tuned and connected with us.

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Who is the Queen of England, and What are Her Powers and Rights?

Queen Elizabeth II is the current and leading Queen of England. She has been serving the post from last more than six decades. She has married Prince Phillip and has four children.

If you think that Why Is There No King And Queen Of England, let us tell you the Queen Elizabeth II is the leading Queen of England. 

Queen is considered the Representative of the country at both national and international levels, being the head of the British Empire. However, the Prime Minister is the head of the British Government. Queen gives speeches on special occasions and holidays and is highly engaged in charity work. 

Prime Minister is regarded as a Chief Executive of the Government, whereas Queen is considered the country’s symbol.

 Let us move further in our discussion and find out why there is the only Queen of England and no king. 

Why Is There No King Of England?

The wives of British Sovereign tend to receive the official title of Queen or Queen Consort. For example, when George VI became king, his wife, Elizabeth II’s mother, became Queen Consort. Likewise, Kate will become Queen when Prince William becomes king. 

However, the reciprocal of this theory does not exist. Men who marry British Queens are given the title of Prince Consort or Prince, not King Consort. As per succession, British rules only consider blood, not gender. Now, the hierarchy will be continued by Prince Williams turning into the king.  

We hope you might be clear with Why Is There A Queen Of England And No King.

Is Prince Phillip Dead?

Yes, on 9th April 2021, Queen Elizabeth released a press notice in which she has stated that her husband, Prince Phillip, is no more. 

He was serving the Duke of Edinburg since 1957 after he repudiated his Danish and Greek royal titles. 

Final Verdict

As per the British rules and laws, the husbands of the Queen never awarded the king’s titles. That is, the fine husband of Queen Elizabeth was always named Prince Phillip. 

It is treated as the most complicated and chaotic hierarchy tree, but it follows very strict and formal guidelines. We hope, till now, you might be clear with the thought, Why Is There No King Of England.

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