What Is My Chinese New Year Animal (Feb) Know Details!

What Is My Chinese New Year Animal 2021

What Is My Chinese New Year Animal (Feb) Know Details! -> Chinese new-year and zodiac signs are different than other countries. You can peruse our article to know what are we discussing today!

What Is My Chinese New Year Animal? Some rituals and occasions hold pertinence to a specific region or country. As we already know that Chinese culture is entirely different than the rest of the world. The nation has recently celebrated the NEW YEAR on the virtual platform. However, the topic of discussion is different today. Here, we will be talking about animal names according to a zodiac sign and birth date.   

The Chinese astronomical practices have awed the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Ireland, and Canada. Almost every person is inclined towards knowing his/her animal name according to the Chinese New Year. We are illustrating the importance, mechanism, and concept of the Chinese New Year animal name. Please continue reading the post to know more!

What Is My Chinese New Year Animal?

China celebrates New Year on 12the February. It is generally enjoyed with dumplings and rice cakes that are cooked and distributed on a larger scale.  The occasion is also called Spring Festival and Lunar New Year. You will learn everything that you need in our post. Therefore, continue perusing it until the end.

How is the Chinese New Year decided?

The new moon falls between 21st January and 20th February. However, it occurred on 11th February this year that will last for two weeks. In this manner, the Chinese New Year is started on 12th February 2021 and will last until 31st January 2022. It is how What Is My Chinese New Year Animal” become famous in the United Kingdom, the United StatesIreland, Australia, and Canada

How is the Chinese New Year animal decided?

The standard animal figure for Chinese New Year is always an OX. However, every year the animal is changed according to the Chinese Zodiac sign. It is dependent on the moon that completes a 12-year cycle. Water, metal, earth, fire, and wood also assume a significant role in deciding the Chinese New Year animal. In this manner, the OX figure is represented as completing a 12-year cycle of a moon. 

What decides the date of New Year in China?

It is interesting to know! Other than “What Is My Chinese New Year Animal,” it is also imperative to understand how the New Year date is decided in China. A lunar completes 12 moon orbits around the planet earth. Each orbit takes 29 days to complete one cycle. In this way, 354 days is comprehended as one year in China. Therefore, the date is decided as 354 days from the end date of the previous year. 

Our Final Thoughts:

The animal name or figure may change in China according to the moon rotation and New Year date. Therefore, you should not assume that a lion, ox, scorpion, etc., will remain your New Year animal name. Do you know more about “What Is My Chinese New Year Animal”? Please share your answer with us!

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