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Turkana Human Cause Of Death (Aug 2021) How Did He Die?

Turkana Human Cause Of Death (Aug 2021) How Did He Die? >> The article talks about early humans and elaborating on other details about the specimen.

Google has a peculiar way of paying tributes or celebrating historical events by creating enchanting doodles. However, something that did catch users’ attention across the globe, including United States, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia, was the special doodle dedicate to celebrate the Turkana Boy who lived millions of years ago.

The fossil was discovered in 1984, and did attract the likes of Google, which celebrated him in Google. However, it did incite curiosity to know about Turkana Human Cause of Death among Google users across the globe.

So, in this article, we bring readers complete information.

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Who is Turkana Boy?

Also popularly known as the Nariokotome Boy, Turkana Boy is a fossil that was discovered in 1984. The fossil KNM-WT 15000 was named the skeleton of a youth belonging to the Homo ergaster species, which walked the earth around 1.5 and 1.6 million years before.

As per sources, the remains were found across the Nariokotome River situated near Lake Turkana in Kenya. Kamoya Kimeu discovered the hominin skeleton. Later on, a study was conducted about the remains to know Turkana Human Cause of Death.

More Details about the Turkana Boy

A deepened research was carried out about the specimen to determine the characteristics and other details about the individual. As per research, the specimen or skeleton was considered male. However, the gender was indeterminate considering the prepubescent age.

The study further stated how modern humans consist of a marked growth spurt in their adolescence. However, it is missing in the chimpanzees, which was evidenced in early Hominids. Therefore, it affected the estimation of the age and stature of the species.

Turkana Human Cause of Death

A further study was conducted by Richard Leakey and Alan Walker in 1993, who estimated the boy to be around 11 to 12 years of age based on bone maturity. However, this study was negated by Christopher Dean from the University College London estimated the boy to be around eight years old when he died.

A study was also conducted on the cause of death, suspected to be a congenital disorder that is either scoliosis or dwarfism, suspected to be skeletal dysplasia as the Turkana Human Cause of Death.

Final Conclusion

On the other hand, another study in 2013 showed an injury to a lumbar disc herniation considered the cause of death. Besides, the skeleton also showcased a diseased mandible.

Google thus, celebrated the Turkana Boy through its doodle creation on Sunday, which led to the increased curiosity surrounding every detail about the Turkana Human from features, anatomy and cause of death. The specimen did help in finding many more details about the hominid who lived over 1.6 million years ago.

I hope this article answered your query about the Turkana Human Cause of Death. Read here more about Turkana Boy.  

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