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Explore more information on Timothy Ferguson Photos Autopsy and his crime scene photos, along with the presence of his original photos on Reddit.

Have you heard any horrific stories where the mother killed her son by starving him to death? Did the story of Timmy and Sandra pop up in your mind?

Sandra’s killer mother’s story went viral all over the United States and many other countries. In this article, we are going to explain the Timothy Ferguson Photos Autopsy in a detailed manner, as it is trending in the internet world.

More details on Timothy Ferguson Photos Autopsy

Timothy Ferguson was an autism-affected 15-year-old boy who died on June 6, 2022, from severe malnourishment. Sandra Vander is the mother of that 15-year-old guy, as he was affected by autism. She wanted to abandon him, so she used to lock him under the basement, torture him by not providing any food, and physically abuse him. 

So, Timothy was dead, and the case went to court. And on December 14, 2023, the judgment was announced after analyzing the autopsy reports. But all that autopsy data has not been leaked to the general public as of now.

More details on Timothy Ferguson Photos Autopsy

Timothy Ferguson Autopsy

Autopsy reports of Timothy Ferguson shed more light on the physical condition of Timothy during his death. The court didn’t share those report details, but only one piece of data was released during that time. 

Timothy weighed only 69 pounds, which means he weighed only 31 kg. A 15-year-old weighing 31 kg was shocking to everyone. Timothy Ferguson Autopsy also helped us learn about the cerebral problem faced by Timothy. But these are the details that were leaked from the autopsy reports. More data has been hidden due to privacy.

Timothy Ferguson Autopsy

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Where can we see the Timothy Ferguson Crime Scene Photos?

Only a few crime scene photos can be seen online. One of those was Timothy’s basement, where he was locked for years. When the police officials investigated that place, the basement was filled with the foul smell of urine and faeces, so it denotes that Timothy wasn’t even given proper access to the bathroom.

Another Timothy Ferguson Crime Scene Photos includes Timothy’s home, where Sandra and his brothers used to reside. While investigating, the police officers thoroughly analyzed the home design of Sandra’s home, and they leaked those photos to the public. In addition to that, police officials saw some tape and Amazon boxes in Timothy’s basement, where the tape was used to close his mouth and Amazon boxes to provide him with minimal food.

Where can we see the Timothy Ferguson Crime Scene Photos

Timothy Ferguson Photos Reddit

On the Reddit platform, lots of common people widely discussed the Timothy case, and one thing everyone wanted to know regarding this case was the actual photo of Timothy when he died in 2022. But the true image of him during his death was never released by her parents or the court officials. Timothy Ferguson Photos Reddit has shared his young 5-year-old photo, but the recent photo of him was never shared.

Moreover, Timothy had an older brother named Paul Ferguson. Even he was the one who abused him physically, so he was arrested. Hence, Paul’s photo is getting shared online.

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Thereby, we have explained the availability of the Timothy Ferguson Photos Autopsy in this article. Autopsy reports and images are meant to be maintained discreetly, so they were not released for the public to know about. Hence, people should know about this before searching for photos of it.

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Disclaimer: The article shares the horrific story of how a mom killed her own son.

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