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Thomson Broadbent Reviews {March 2021} Reparation Guide!

Thomson Broadbent Reviews {March 2021} Reparation Guide! >> This article deals with a famous company that helps its customers in gaining compensation. Read!

Are you looking for any firm, company, or website that will help you claim your compensation! 

Is your property has been affected due to any construction projects such as roadways, railways, power supply, or airport? Well, you must be seeking advice on how to claim your compensation. Well, you do not need to worry now.

 In this article, we will try to solve this problem. We have found a company that can solve your problems. In this article of Thomson Broadbent Reviews, we will look into a United Kingdom-based company named Thomson Broadbent and try to find more about it.

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What is Thomson Broadbent?

Well, it is a company that helps its customers in negotiating the compensations on behalf of them. If any property is affected due to the construction of any rail, road, airport, or electricity supply projects, it will help you reimburse the compensation with the proper authorities. They provide a range of services based on the needs of their customer. Here is a brief detail about the company in this article of Thomson Broadbent Reviews:

  • Company name: Thomson Broadbent
  • Website: //www.thomsonbroadbent.co.uk//
  • Address: Thomson Broadbent – Chartered Surveyors2 
  •  Brisbane House, Corby gate Business Park,
  • Priors Haw Road, Corby, Northampton shire. NN17 5JG
  • Contact number: 01536 264101
  • Customer Support: enquiries@thomsonbroadbent.co.uk
  • Office hours: 9 A.M – 5 P.M, Monday to Friday

Thomson Broadbent view and aim:

Thomson Broadbent was established in 1996, with a view in mind that it will help its customers claim the compensations to the proper authorities when the cost of their property is affected by any infrastructure project. While surfing through the company’s website, one can get many pieces of evidence that the company has successfully managed to do the same. 

What are Thomson Broadbent Reviews?

The company claims to have negotiated more than 90,000 properties on behalf of its customers. It has also provided a section of its services. It has listed the option of applying now on the website, but you can call the given number or walk into the office as the address is provided if you are in a hurry. 

The company also has active followers on various social media handles, such as Facebook, linkedin, and others. It has also provided a separate section where its actual customers’ testimonials can be easily found out.


Well, everything looks hunky and dory with this company, but we in this article of Thomson Broadbent Reviews, have tried our best to analyze this website critically. When we checked its trust score index, it got an excellent 80% rating. Also, there were other portals on the internet where this United Kingdom based company was reviewed well.

Well, if you are facing the same problem as others were facing you should check out their services too, they are helpful and take 10% of the compensation received post settlement. 

Do you need any help in a better way from Thomson Broadbent? Please mention in the comment section.

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