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AK-47 Skin – Over the past decade, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has seen many different changes and innovations. New maps, economy, weapon mechanics and various other updates. Players can customize their characters as well as weapons. The manufacturers have added many skins for different types of weapons.

AK-47 Elite Build is one of the coolest skins that can be found in CS:GO. The marbled texture of the body, the matte black finish of the wood elements and the successful tint of the gold-tone details of the weapon seriously elevate this rifle above the competition.

When Did This Skin Appear?

Since its first appearance in the Chroma 2 collection, AK Elite Build is still considered a top gun. You can buy this skin since 2015, and it has not lost its relevance. The gaming community gives thanks to M1nD designs for its creation.

Pattern Description

Black paint is applied to the surface of the forearm and stock. The surfaces of the receiver, barrel magazine, and chamber are decorated with camouflage patterns using black and several shades of gray paint. The gas pipe and part of the front sight were painted gray, orange stripes, inscriptions, and various symbols were also applied in some places on the machine.

Influence of Float Value

The weapon is available in any variation which ranges from 0.0 to 1.0. The first signs of wear are visible already in Minimal Wear conditions. In the future, the marble texture is more strongly erased from the body, magazine, and barrel, but remains on the forend and butt.

Differences in Prices

The weapon remains recognizable regardless of its Float. On DMarket you can see how much the AK-47 Elite equipment costs to buy the skin with the maximum benefit for yourself. The higher the Float, the lower the price of the AK-47 Elite Build. This is one of the few skins that gamers prefer to buy with Float 0.9-1.0 due to the peculiarities of the pattern:

  • The minimum cost of skin is $0.70 in the Battle-Scarred condition without additional features.
  • The maximum cost is about $6 in the Minimal Wear condition with StatTrak.

The AK-47 is the most popular weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Even though in the shooter game the rifle is available only for the terrorist team, it has already acquired cult status. AK-47 Elite Build skin is an excellent solution for those players who are not ready to pay a large sum of money but want to get a great look for their weapons. This is one of the cheapest, and at the same time great skins, that almost every CS:GO user can afford. Many color palettes for this collection cost just under a dollar.

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