Techkitti Com Scam {Jan} Spread Love & Send Your Wishes!

Techkitti Com Scam 2020

Techkitti Com Scam {Jan} Spread Love & Send Your Wishes! >> Want to stay away from scam websites, who share pop-ups? Please read & don’t fall into any trap!

Have you ever been scammed on the internet? Are you’ll aware of this new scam called Techkitti Com Scam?

With the growing popularity of internet users, scammers are also increasing day by day. The scammers have expertise their website designing to such an extent that even a scam website looks legit.

Here we will be talking about such a website that has trapped people from Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States

So if you’ll want to find out what this scam is about and how to stay away from it, continue reading.

We will enlighten you about the scam and mention some facts that will make you a smart consumer!

What is Techkitti Com Scam?

The scam is related to Christmas and the New Year; the website has recently started gaining attention due to its constant messages to numerous people.

Well, the website has been messaging people with a surprise Happy Christmas and a New Year message. There is also a section where the person receiving the message can add in their name.

But adding your name can be very risky as there is no location found of the website and there are also rumors that there are two versions of this website. So if ever come across this website do not enter your name. 

More about Techkitti Com Scam

How do scams like these attract their traps, and how do they increase visitors’ number for their site?

Scam websites like this always have a sharing option on social networking platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook. 

They always encourage the visitors to share it with their contacts and the visitors who fall for this scam—the users who are not smart at identifying a fraud forward this to other references. 

With this, the news about website spreads like wildfire, and these scammers attract visitors who access their website.

How to detect a scam website 

  • Websites like Techkitti Com Scam always have a standard grammatical or spelling error that can be one sign for scam website.
  • Whenever you come across a suspicious website, always Google about it first and then take a further step.
  • Scam websites still use big-short Company’s name hence do proper research on it.
  • Never share or forward anything without having full knowledge about it as this make add more victims on the scammer’s list.


Scammers have new ways to trick and trap consumers; the only way to avoid such scams is to do adequate research before getting involved with such suspicious sites. Here Techkitti Com Scam is trapping visitors by randomly sending them wishes and making them add their name.

Accessing such a website is very risky as they can hack and steal your essential credentials hence avoid inputting anything on the platform. More importantly, do not forward such scam website to anyone as it increases the circulation.

Pen down your viewpoints on the scam website, down in the comment box!

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  1. This place advertised a big gas powered RC remote control truck it took 8 weeks to ge here and it’s the size of a match box car and battery powered what a waste of time and money.

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