Sweetly Seasoned Dallas Reviews: Who Owns Food Truck? Check Instagram Details Here

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What are Sweetly Seasoned Dallas Reviews? Where is this Food Truck? Is there any Instagram account related to this? Know here!

Why are Sweetly Seasoned Dallas Reviews trending? What is Sweetly Seasoned? Where is this food truck located? Who owns this food truck? Why is this place going viral? What did Keith Lee do? Who is Keith Lee, and how is he related to this case? Netizens from the United States were trying to know about all the details related to the Sweetly Seasoned food truck incident. 

Sweetly Seasoned Dallas Reviews

Recently, on 30th January 2024, Keith Lee, a famous food critic, visited a North Dallas-based food truck, Sweetly Seasoned. He went to the place after Sherell S. Hodge posted a video. In the video, she wanted Keith and Ronni to come and visit the food truck of her friend’s mom. And helped her food truck as her business was low and did not do well.

Keith indeed saw the video and visited the food truck in North Dallas soon after that. He ordered a few things from the food truck. He made a video of his food review and posted it on his YouTube channel. 

Sweetly Seasoned Dallas Reviews

Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck Case in Detail

After Keith ate and reviewed the food, he went to the Chef and owner of the food truck, Kim and handed her a handsome $4000 and expressed his wishes and how he would like her to spend the money. 

He told Kim that she would use $2000 for her food truck facilities, $1000 should be given to the girl who called Keith and Ronni over, and $ &1000 should be given to the girl’s brother for free haircuts. In addition, Keith even provided more than $800 as a tip, for which he wanted Kim to provide free food to the customers that day.

Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck Case in Detail

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Sweetly Seasoned Instagram & More

The Instagram page of Sweetly Seasoned is currently disabled. Because it was blowing up after the controversy. What happened after Keith left the food truck was that Kim kept all the money Keith gave her as her personal gain, as reported by Sherell through Twitter. She claimed that at first, Kim said she would give her share of $1000 tomorrow morning.

When Sherell went to collect her share, Kim blatantly denied it. Kim Said she did not owe anything to Sherell, and the money was hers to keep. Then, Sherell asked to give his brother at least $1000, as it would help him in his business. However, Kim never gave the money. 

Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck Review By Keith

Keith honestly reviewed the food and gave 7.2 stars to every dish on average. He also provided some suggestions to the owner related to her food. He ordered sandwiches, fried ribs, tacos and pudding. He liked the tacos a lot and rated it around eight stars. However, when the Chef of the Food truck did not give out free food and share the tip with the person who deserved it, the controversy sparked. 


In today’s article on Sweetly Seasoned Instagram, we have provided all the details in the article. We have provided Keith Lee’s review on Sweetly Seasoned truck food. We have also described the whole controversy that has broken out in relation to the food truck. If you want to watch Keith Lee’s review of the food truck, click here.

Have you ever tried food at Sweetly Seasoned? Please leave a comment for the review.

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