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Starting A Water Bottle Business: 5 Crucial Things You Need To Know First 

Starting a water bottle business is considered to be pretty lucrative. If you create the perfect planning, this can be very fruitful for you in the future. To help you get an idea of what to do if you are planning to establish a water bottle business, you can continue to read on below! 

What Is A Bottled Water Company?

Bottle water companies sell water that has been tested and declared safe to consume, before putting it inside a well-capped bottle to be sold for public consumption. 

To make their product stand out among other competitor products, the company will usually specify their water type to the attractive market. For example, instead of selling plain water, they opt for a healthier type of water such as alkaline or spring water. Some even sell flavored water or sparkling ones. 

Retailers, restaurants, and hotels are some of the partners you should work with if you want to succeed in building a successful water bottle producer. Because this line of business is the one that constantly needs water bottle products. Thus, this will be your ultimate place that can help to enhance your sales and improve your revenue. 

5 Crucial Things To Know Before Starting The Business

  • Understand The Industry

The water bottle production industry is one of the most successful business industries. As has been mentioned before, this is because water is a commodity that every human will need. It’s a crucial thing which can help to improve our health. In the United States of America alone, the bottled water production industry generates a staggering amount of well over $5 billion annually! Though it is no secret that companies such as Coca-Cola Company and Nestle are the leaders in the industry – it does not mean that the only business that can thrive is a large corporation. Small production firms can also generate revenue from this industry, even when large businesses are involved. 

If you wish to establish a water bottle business on a smaller scale, you can start by providing services to your neighborhood. Bottle manufacturer, packaging, networking, strong marketing strategy, and good customer service – are all of the things that you require. You can still thrive, especially if you are concentrating to serve your local area. However, if you plan to launch it widely, you need to think about it thoroughly. Planning to launch a business on a massive scale requires a lot of things to figure out first – and obviously you will need bigger capital as well. 

  • Conduct Market Research 

The demographic and psychographic makeup of people who drink bottled water is extremely diverse. This is due to the fact that humans require water to sustain their health. Therefore, your target market is so wide, which includes people from all socioeconomic, cultures, ages, and even religion. If you want to specify your market, you can choose to opt for a different niche in your product. 

  • Decide What Niche To Concentrate 

As has been mentioned before, finding the perfect niche to reach a more specific market should be done in order to make your business more visible among other competitors. For example, if you want to draw the attention of an environmentalist – you can market that the bottle that you used is using eco-friendly material. If you want to catch the eye of people who are concerned about their health, you can opt to sell alkaline water instead of mineral water. You can make a whole new interesting concept, and this can be the ultimate factor to raise the awareness of your brand. Nowadays many bottled water production companies continually innovate to continue and expand their market reach. 

  • Study Your Potential Competitor

There is hardly any industry or any type of business in the world where there is no competition. If you are looking towards starting a bottled water production company, then you should brace yourself to face some tough competitors. Your competition is not going to be a small-level brand – but also a big level corporation that has been in the industry for years. 

Most bottled water companies are leveraging creativity in terms of packaging and marketing to continue to stay afloat in the industry. Thus why it is very common to find bottled water production companies to specially label their bottled water for specific occasions to meet the demand of their clients. This is one of the ultimate strategies to ensure that you can stay one step ahead of your competitor. 

  • Establish Marketing Strategy

Just like any other business, your water bottle business will require a marketing strategy to thrive. If you want to boost your brand awareness, what you need to do is by utilizing traditional (printed-based) and digital marketing strategies. You can also be a sponsor for a community program or local event in your area. As a sponsor, you will have time and the opportunity to market your product on a bigger scale.

Last but not least, remember that no matter how well-shaped your marketing strategy is – if you do not ensure that your water bottle is of good quality, eventually your product will go flop. If you want to thrive in the business – customer satisfaction is the one thing that you should focus on. Thus ordering your product from a trusted manufacturer is important. Check out http://www.myownwater.com/ to find the best producer for your water bottle. There are a lot of water or bottle types that you can choose according to what you want your business to be. Whatever you choose, My Own Water wont dissapoint you.

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