Stanford Masks Ineffective {April} Read In Detail!

Stanford Masks Ineffective 2021

Stanford Masks Ineffective {April} Read In Detail!>> Today we will be informing you about a news article related to not wearing the mask in this pandemic which went viral on Facebook.

Hola Amigos, our today’s topic is Stanford Masks IneffectiveYes you all had read correctly. We hope you are doing great in this pandemic; even though nothing seems to be still, we should hope for good things only. 

In Nov 2019, We all had heard about the out Break of the covid-19 virus, and none of us might have thought that it will lead to this. 

But someone claims that a study at Stanford, a very popular University in Canada, United States and the United Kingdom, revealed that wearing a mask is ineffective. 

Why should we wear the mask?

The very first question that arises in our head we why should we wear the mask? What will happen if we wear a mask? And if it’s effective, then why it’s said by Stanford Masks Ineffective to prevent virus spread. Mask is one of the effective ways to stop the spread of the covid-19 virus. If one is in a packed or crowded place, then he/she should wear a mask. It’s compulsory for them.

Because even if they are not infected with the covid19 virus, they can be if he/she comes in contact with the infected person. People whose age are 60 or more than that must seek proper precautions.

 If one cough Or sneeze virus is released in the air in the form of respiratory droplets, it can infect you if you are not wearing a mask.

Why is it said by Stanford Masks Ineffective To prevent the spread of covid19?

As the guidelines were issued by WHO that wearing masks are compulsory at that moment, a study at Stanford University reveal that masks are not that much effect of curbing the spread of the covid-19 virus. Many people say that the size of a virus is small compared to the size of the pore in the mask, so the virus can easily travel inside the mask and easily affect the person. And wearing a mask can lead to health issues.

But after doing research, we came to know this news is FAKE “Stanford Masks Ineffective” the article that was published on the National Institute of Health website has no link with Stanford, nor does the author of the article has is affiliated with Stanford University.

The Fake article contains the study of side-effects of wearing the mask on one’s health. Many other research labs conducted the research that does mask prevent the spread of covid19 virus, and in the results, they found that mask are very helpful.

Final verdict:

Indeed covid19 virus is no joke. The article published was FAKE; it was not affiliated with Sanford University, so please don’t believe in those fake stories claimed by Stanford Masks Ineffective. We don’t know why people are still not serious about it. It can be so harmful to lead people in the wrong direction. Still, after knowing the truth, many people deny wearing a mask, and they are doing it all wrong.

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