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In the given article, we will talk about the horrifying Stabbing Dandenong, that took place in Melbourne by a few teenagers in the shopping mall.

Have you heard of the news that a teenage boy stabbed an 18-year-old boy? Recently a teenage crime report has been trending on the internet as a 16-year-old boy is being charged in the case of stabbing a man in a shopping store.

This report is from Melbourne, Australia. A bunch of teenagers had an argument with another person and stabbed him to death. To read detailed information on Stabbing Dandenong, continue reading this article, and you will get complete information.

Detailed information on Felony

The incident took place in the Dandenong Plaza of Melbourne shopping mall. A bunch of teenage students hung around, and they argued with an 18-year-old guy.

The argument got a bit heated and resulted in a fight, and among the teenagers, a 16-year-old boy stabbed that 18-year-old boy to death and injured him to the critical stage. However, police took charge and action on the Crime Scene, arrested the culprits, and sent the victim to the hospital.

Stabbing Dandenong Duration and Time

The event took place on 4th August in the evening at 4:00 p.m. A total of four people are included in the scenario, with three friends of age 16, 16, and 14. They were hanging around in the mall after having a heated argument with an unknown person, stabbing him to death. 

The police arrested all three boys; the 16-year-old who stabbed the person is under arrest, and the other two boys are released until further inquiry and complete information of the incident. But the main culprit is under charges and can be built under the children’s court law.

Police Report

In the Stabbing Dandenong case, the Melbourne police state that “three teenagers are arrested on the act of attempt to murder.” As per the report, the 16-year-old and 14-year-old boys are released as part of the incident, but there is no proper proof of taking part in an attempt to murder.

Moreover, the kid who puts the knife in the victim can only be bailed through the children’s court. Further investigation of the incident is under process. More charges can be applied as soon as there is more clarity about the Stabbing Dandenong and the reason behind this horrifying attempt to stab someone. You have to wait for further action from the police against these teenagers.

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Three spoiled teenagers argued with an 18-year-old man in the shopping mall in Melbourne. One of the boys among the three stabbed the older guy very ruthlessly. Police are investigating the situation, and the criminals are arrested.

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