Somerton Man Cause Of Death {July 2022} Mystery Solved?

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Have you heard that the death mystery of Somerton man has been solved after 73 years? Do you know who did the research and investigation to unravel this deadly mystery? To get all the updates, please read this article to the end.

This death mystery which has been unsolved for decades in the United States is informed to be solved by two researchers. To know the story elaborately on Somerton Man Cause of Death, read this article thoroughly without a skip.

Cause Of Death Of Somerton Man

On the beach of Somerton, the body of a man was found. That dead person was identified recently. Investigators speculated he was a Russian spy by the investigators of that time because of the tensions built up for the cold war. Some believed that the person could be a ballet dancer as he had powerful calf muscles, or some speculated he was associated with smuggling.

The reason for the death of that unidentified person could not come out after an autopsy of the body. There was no genuine answer on How Did the Somerton Man Die. From the autopsy, we learned that the body’s spleen was enlarged and the liver was in a terrible condition. Though some speculated as poisoning, no compact data was found to prove the claim.

Data We Got From a Mysterious Dead person.

On 1st December 1948, police rescued a body from Somerton beach. The man was well dressed; on his collar, a smoked cigarette was found, and inside his pocket was a Persian poem, “Tamam Shud”, which means finished. The age of the man was around 40-50. Unfortunately, no wallet, cash or ID was found with the deceased person. 

Somerton Man Mystery Solved

From the recent discovery of Professor Abbott, we know that the body was of a Melbourne-based electrical engineer, Carl Webb. Researchers discarded the speculation of spy, smuggler or ballet dancer theories. He had six siblings.

From the investigation, we learned that being separated from his wife, Dorothy Robertson, who came to South Australia, he came here in search of her possibly. Researchers also now investigated what happened with his wife Dorothy Robertson after the death of Carl Webb. 

About The Researchers Who Found Out the Identity of Somerton Man Cause of Death

Derek Abbott and Colleen Fitzpatrick jointly solved the mystery of the identity of the deceased person found on the beach in 1948. Derek did this with the preserved hair of that dead man. He analyzed the DNA from the kept hair. Colleen Fitzpatrick, a renowned forensic expert in the US, helped Professor Abbott discover the identity.


Through the strenuous efforts of Prof. Abbott and Colleen Fitzpatrick, we could declare that the person’s identity had been discovered. We also learned other associated things related to Somerton Man Cause of Death. The cause of the death is also partially understood.

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