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Sneaker Cleaner Dublin Reviews (Mar) A Possible Scam!

Sneaker Cleaner Dublin Reviews (Mar) A Possible Scam! >> Want your shoes cleaned by the best cleaning company? The article presents a detailed overview of the online cleaning shop for your footwear.

Do you think dirty sneakers in your outfit can ruin your whole look? Today the article presented for you will make the most sense to you. Have you ever heard of giving your messy and dirty sneakers to some company and getting them clean?

Yes! It sounds like dry cleaning, but today’s article has descriptions about – Sneaker Dublin Cleaner ReviewsThis company is based in a prominent place in Ireland.

Are you interested in knowing more about the company? Keep reading to learn about it-

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What is Sneaker Dublin Cleaner? 

The company has paved its popularity in Ireland. The sneaker washing factory has different wash available according to your shoe’s requirement. They don’t deal with some particular brand or titles. The main objective they serve you with is to keep your shoes clean in return for some affordable prices. Yes, but you need to be clear, they don’t wash football boots.

Does the variety make you wonder about – Is Sneaker Cleaner Dublin Legit or not?

Don’t worry, stick to this article to know every detail like, they also clean shoes of customers not living nearby. They have a variety of services for your favourite sneakers.

Specifications Of The Website

  • Website Link- https://www.sneakercleaner.ie/
  • Services Offered – premium cleaning, 48hrs deep cleaning (express wash), repainting midsole, repairing leather, lace replacement, deodorization of shoes.
  • Creation Date – the portal is created on 03rd August 2020.
  • Email address – they did not have any email id provided on their portal.
  • Contact Details – +3538326175 ( you can call them between 8 am-1 pm )
  • Shipping – While surveying for writing – Sneaker Dublin Cleaner Reviews, they do not ship the product; they cleaned.
  • Missing Product Policy – report them within two weeks.
  • Refund – you can contact them within 24 hours.
  • Cancellation – nothing as such is mentioned on their site.
  • Payment Method – They don’t have any specific details.

Advantages from Sneaker Cleaners

  • The company claims to provide hassle-free services.
  • They provide a variety of services, according to your shoe requirement.
  • There are good reviews found on the internet regarding the services of the company.
  • They’ll return five times more than the amount you paid for cleaning, in case of your sneaker got missed.


  • According to Sneaker Dublin Cleaner Reviews – The website is just eight months old, which is suspicious.
  • The service costs of deep cleaning is quite a lot of euro 65.00.
  • They don’t have payment specified on their site.
  • They give 24 hours to complain about the faulty services.
  • They don’t take responsibility for picking up and drop off.
  • They do not guarantee to remove the stains.

How To Use The Services?

Simple ways to use the service provided by the company is –

  • Select the service you want for your shoes.
  • Drop your shoe to their location
  • That’s it; you can collect your order from them in few days.

 Is Sneaker Cleaner Dublin Legit? 

  • Age of Domain – The portal’s creation is on 3rd August 2020; it is only eight months old.
  • Confidence index- The site’s trust rating is so low; it is precisely a 5% confidence rate on the portal.
  • Plagiarized Content – The site’s content has some originality, but 17% of the content is copied from some other place.
  • Address- The portal itself has provided details of the address for drop off.
  • Contact details- The calling number was not found on the portal; it was found on the company’s Google page.
  • Customer – The Company has positive reviews, though the reviews are two months old.

According to these pointers, the site seems suspicious.

Customer Sneaker Dublin Cleaner Reviews 

The customer reviews found on the Google page of the company are outstanding. Though the reviews are primarily from 2 months before, the company itself claims to be established in 2017, but the reviews on their social media handles are not so much visible.

They have a few numbers followers on their handles, though it looks like they haven’t updated it for a long time.

Final verdict 

In the final results of determining if the site is legitimate or not in the article, the advice is that- The Company seems suspicious because of the shallow trust rate and all the reviews found from the same month. 

The site seems suspicious, according to the –Sneaker Dublin Cleaner Reviews. The advice is to use the services of the company with utmost safety and security. 

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