Ships Stuck in New Suez Canal (March) Know The Facts!

Ships Stuck in New Suez Canal 2021

Ships Stuck in New Suez Canal (March) Know The Facts! >> The write-up shares details about the ship that stuck diagonally on the world’s busiest waterway.

Nearly 150 Ships Stuck in New Suez Canal since Tuesday evening, blocking the canal like a beached whale. It is because of a skyscraper-sized ship that is grounded diagonally on the canal’s bank. It has created a setback for the international trade on Thursday as all other ships was hauled in the canal.

It has created a buzz amongst the traders in the United Kingdom and the United States because the salvage company confirmed that it might take weeks to clear the route.      

Ever Given, a 430-yard container ship stuck in the New Suez Canal after a powerful breeze forced the ship beached on the canal’s bank. 

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About The Ships Stuck in New Suez Canal!

Ever Given is a 400m container ship, almost as long as the Giant Ships or Empire State Building in size. Last Tuesday, the ship was forced by a powerful hurricane to ashore on the New Suez Canal bank. Now the ship is blocking the most vital shipping channel and creating a setback for global trading.

It is the busiest shipping channel for grain, oil, and other trades, linking Europe and Asia. As the ship has blocked both directions, all other Ships Stuck in New Suez Canal. All ships were stopped for now until the route is clear. 

Suez Canal Authority confirmed that more than eight tugs were implemented to move the ship as the ship is diagonally stuck on the New Suez Canal’s single-lane southern stretch. More than 156 huge container ships, bulk vessels, and tankers carrying gas and oil are hauling at the end of the canal since last Tuesday.      

What Was the Cause?

Since last Tuesday morning, the Suez Canal Authority has confirmed the areas near the canal were experiencing a dust storm along with high winds. It is the primary cause of the container ship to aground on the bank of the channel diagonally. 

The wind was so mighty that it forced the heavy ship to aground diagonally, blocking the channel and more than 150 Ships Stuck in New Suez Canal. It is the busiest and most crucial shipping lane in the world, connecting Europe to Asia. 

The authorities have confirmed that many other ships were implemented to free the channel. They use dredgers to free the ship and make the channel clear for all other vessels and container ships. 

Who Is the Owner of the Ship and His Reaction?

Ever Given, the skyscraper-sized container ship is owned by a Japanese businessman. So, the cargo ship belongs to Japan. The ship-owner has apologized after Ships Stuck in New Suez Canal, as it has imperiled the world shipping trades. 

Shoei Kisen, the ship-owner, apologized for the incident on Thursday as his ship has created a mess on the busiest route. He confirmed that his company is coordinating with the local authorities and technical management team to get the ship floating again.       


After the gigantic-sized container ship wedged on the world’s vital waterway, it has created a mess in the world shipping trade. Authorities have confirmed that many ships were affected travelling on the route as it is diagonally stuck. 

Almost 150 Ships Stuck in New Suez Canal after the incident. Now people want to know when the route will get cleared as delivery of gas, oil, and grain is getting delayed. 

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