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Find out the perfect detailed article on Roster Nick All Star Brawl and enjoy the game, including all the stages, by getting the information here for free.

Have you played the recent fame securing game? Here, today in this article, we have decided to cover up everything regarding the Nickelodeon game. Don’t worry; it doesn’t matter where you live. The game can be accessed from all places globally like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and more.

This game has secured huge popularity because of the characters. So if you are interested in knowing about the Roster Nick All Star Brawl, stick with the article. And get to know about the game in a detailed guide.

What Is All Star Brawl?

Nickelodeon All Star Brawl is the game fighting genre developed by the Fair Play Labs and Ludosity. The game is the first console game of the Super Brawl Series Nickelodeon. It is released on 04th and 05th October 2021 for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows etc.

The characters of the game is inspired by the various shows broadcasted on Nickelodeon. And, after knowing these people are constantly looking for the details of Roster Nick All Star Brawl. If you are interested in the same, all you have to do is stick with the article. Keep reading.

Adventurous Stages

One of the most exciting things about All Star Brawl is that it is the first console game. Moreover, this fighting game has around 20 stages. People are going crazy when they hear about it. It is like a compilation of all series and shows on nickelodeon.

Like SpongeBob, teenage mutant ninja turtles, Arnold, catdog, and so much more. All stages were not released initially, but now the stages and the characters Roster Nick All Star Brawl are released.

If you are a TNMT fan- they have Sewers Slam, Rooftop Rumble, etc., for you. In the case of SpongeBob square pants, it has Jellyfish fields, glove world and even the Flying Dutchman’s ship. From Hey Arnold, there is the stage named Traffic Jam.

No doubt that the game has become exciting to many people because it is the first game available and adaptable on the console by Nickelodeon. The revealed characters are more exciting; keep reading till the end to get the list of characters in All Star Brawl.

List Of Roster Nick All Star Brawl

All Star Brawl  has many playable characters from the show like – SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy cheek from SpongeBob Square Pants show. It has Leonardo, Michelangelo, April O’Neil from TMNT. It has 20 characters until now, and two more will be announced soon.


In the final verdict, we would like to recommend you to play this game. It has almost everything you will need; if you are a nickelodeon fan, this game is going to win your heartFor those who want to know about the game, it is the perfect guide them. It has everything you should know about Roster Nick All Star Brawl. Which is your favorite character? Comment Below 

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