Rbxbox com {August 2022} What Does This Site Offer?

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In this post, one can learn about the site Rbxbox com, its operation and how safe it is to use. 

Are you aware of the Robux? Do you know about the in-game currencies used? There is a site that answers all these questions. This site has created news in Sweden, the United Kingdom, and CanadaThis website has given many players the currency they need. 

This post on Rbxbox com will help you know what goes in the gaming world and how people act on it. 

About Rbxbox

The site is a .com site. This site mainly gives out the gaming currency Robux. This currency is highly needed for distinct purposes by gamers. Robux is not accessible at the start. The site allows getting this currency for free and using it in their gaming endeavors. This might not be ethical and is not a safe way to acquire the Robux currency. One should work with caution while working with such sites. 

Is Rbxbox com legitimate? 

The site is on Tumblr and has a link on their app to open the conversation thread on Tumblr. To understand more about the viability of the site, please read below- 

  • Registrar: The site is registered under the domain NameCheap, Inc. rbxbox.com
  • Website Registration: The site registration date is April 12, 2021. The registration of the site is one year old. 
  • Trust Index: The trust index of the site is 5%. This percentage portrays that the site is not at all trustworthy and should be used with caution. 
  • Data Security: The site has the protocol for HTTPs enabled, thus, reflecting a little security for users. 

Accordingly, Rbxbox com is not trustworthy. The trust index, as well as the owner’s information, is near nil and using the site can be dangerous for the player. 

Features of the website

The site is compatible with many devices such as the IOS, android, PC, PSP and Xbox. People can acquire the Robox currency after registering their data to the site and understanding the rules of the game for which they are buying the Robox. This data is taken in your game and the currency gets encased for the particular game. This is an application as well as a website that is used by gamers. 

Rbxbox com Reviews 

When checked across all the sites, it was observed that there is no review of the site. People have voiced their concerns about losing their data and not acquiring the Robux currency even after signing up for the app. The domain name is very recent, and the owner details have been hidden. All this leads to the understanding that the site is not trustworthy. 


In summation the post, this site is a platform to buy the Robux currency and use them in the games. This currency is acquired for gaming purposes. The site Rbxbox com has a shallow trust index and an even recent domain age. The owner details and other relevant information is not provided. This is evidence that the site is untrustworthy and should be used cautiously. Check this link to know more about web applications 

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