Purchase Failed Axie Infinity {Nov} Facing Error-Check!

Purchase Failed Axie Infinity 2021

Purchase Failed Axie Infinity {Nov} Facing Error-Check! >> This article gives a detailed guideline on how to fix an error on an online gaming platform.

Is your purchase failing while trying to buy AXS tokens? Do you want to overcome this issue and learn the ways you can fix the error? Then, we have got the perfect article for you to resolve the Purchase Failed Axie Infinity problem.

People in the Philippines have been trying to purchase this token for its soaring prices and massive popularity but end up disappointed. Hence we are here to provide a solution.

What is Axie Infinity? 

Axie Infinity is an online video game centered around NFTs earned or purchased by the players. The gamers have to breed, raise, battle, and trade digital pets. They can earn income either by trading their ethereum-based cryptocurrencies called AXS and SLP or their NFTs. It has the most expensive collection of NFTs, with a sale of $42 million in 2021. 

People are eagerly trying to buy these NFTs, but the notification of Purchase Failed Axie Infinity has displeased various users.

Price trends and ways to get AXS tokens;

The price of AXS went up by 550% within a month and gained massive momentum due to its high participation and earning potential. 

The AXS tokens are currently sold for $32.02 on various platforms supporting ASX such as Ethereum, Binance, bitcoin.com, crypto.com, etc. You need to earn or purchase three axies to play the game where the least price of one Axie is $200, and the most is around $550,000.

What is the error in purchasing axies on Axie Infinity?

Platforms sometimes tend to crash or start lagging, showing notifications like Purchase Failed Axie Infinity due to many people trying to buy the axies.

Sometimes the developers are at fault, and sometimes it might be your system. So it’s best to wait a while if these errors are constantly occurring on your system. 

However, the developers took responsibility and informed the users that the system was under maintenance. That is why some problems were bound to happen. 

Many errors were informed by the users globally, such as purchase failing, auction closing, temporary downtime, etc. 

What’s the solution to Purchase Failed Axie Infinity?

We have found out a few solutions to this problem as per our research:

  • Reboot your system.
  • Re-connect your Ronin wallet to Axie Infinity.
  • Cancel your previous transaction and try the process again, preferably after a while.
  • Re-login into your account.
  • Try a different method to purchase the axies.
  • Wait for some time as the system might be under maintenance.

The reaction of gamers:

Gamers in the Philippines and globally were quite disappointed and vexed. They weren’t able to purchase their favorite axies. Many people also stressed upon issues like the problem existing for years, no contact assistance as the discord server was packed, and the developers did not inform users about the troubled service beforehand. 

Conclusion on Purchase Failed Axie Infinity:

The bottom line is that some errors occur in vastly popular games with more than 2,50,000 people per day. However, the developers are continually trying to upgrade their systems and fix these issues. The gamers can take the help of the above tips to help them resolve such problems efficiently. You can also check out  for further information.

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