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It is fun to have a good grip on languages as it expands our horizons and breaks communication barriers. Moreover, whether you are an adult wanting to learn English or a parent who dreams of watching their kids be fluent in the language, it is now possible with different apps available on our smartphones.

It is imperative to choose the best application that will not merely help in learning English but also not opt for conventional translation alone. Free is popular across Sweden, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States providing users with a constructive platform to learn English.

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What is App?

Most often, we assume that the English language has to be studied solely in English. However, rather than training the internal translator suggested by other English training programs, it is recommended to immerse oneself in the very learning itself. 

Now, an application allows users to learn English quickly by merely listening to sample phrases and thereby disassembling them. Free is one such app that allows users in learning English by listening to common phrases. The application is available for download for free on Playstore and Appstore.

So, let’s look into few more details about the app.

What are the Features of App?

Are you excited to know about a few of the features that make it an outstanding app to try out? Let’s check out below:

  • Users can search for the most used or common phrases in English
  • It auto-generates playlists that allow you to listen to common phrases for more than 1000 days
  • With the Free app, you can save words and phrases to the playlists for studying and listening later
  • Download and save playlists offline
  • Access them even without an internet connection
  • Listen to saved playlists anywhere when walking or travelling, even with a locked screen.

Some More Information 

The app has quite a few reviews listed on the app. Besides, it has a high trust score of 96%. The app is given 2.8 stars on google Playstore and 2.0 stars on App Store. 

Customer Reviews of Free

The review about the app is a mix of positive and negative feedback. While few users have highlighted how the app is useful in learning about new phrases in English, other users mentioned about its working and that it stopped after a few days, 

Thus, we recommend users research your end before using the app, and one must go through all the users’ reviews. 

Final Verdict

The app presents an ideal platform for users to learn English by listening to common phrases and save them to the playlist. It would thus make it easy for users to better their vocabulary by using the Free in a fun and entertaining way.

Want to know more about app? Please do click on the link to read more.

What is your experience with the app? Please do share your views with us in the comments box below.

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