Perfect Paw Store Reviews (Feb 2021) Is This A Legit Business?


Perfect Paw Store Reviews (Feb 2021) Is This A Legit Business?-> Get to know about the site’s authenticity that offers all the pet products at cheap prices.

Are you a pet lover and wish to pamper your pet? Budget is something that is worrying you; then, indeed, you can check on the site

Perfect Paw Store Reviews indicates that the online site is quite a talk of the town.

Due to its massive discounts and tempting product availability, this site is grabbing extreme attention in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Therefore before doing shopping online, it is necessary to understand the legitimacy of a particular e-commerce site.

So we want you to go through our article and find out that Is Perfect Paw Store Legit or not? So let’s proceed further.

What is a Perfect Paw Store?

The store consists of all the products related to dogs and that too at the most cost-effective prices. It has various products like Doggie Treat Chew Ball, Suction Cup Tug Toy at the best prices. 

Moreover, the homepage also displays an automatic pet water fountain 2.0, car safety belt attachment and carbon activated filters available at various discounted prices. Besides these, it also consists of Cosy Waterproof Dog Coat and Doggie Treat Chew Ball and Doggie Treat Chew Rugby Ball etc.

Thus, it can be declared as the one shop store for the various dog products, which is too cost-effective. But nowadays, there are many extremely tempting sites but has some loops and holes, so let us know about Perfect Paw Store Reviews, specifications, and the positive and drawback outcomes.

Specifications of Perfect Paw Store

  • Product: Doggie Treat Chew Rugby Ball, Personalised Dog Collar, Portable Dog nail Grinder etc.
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Website Registration Date:18 July 2020
  • Shipping Duration:20-40 business days
  • Shipping Cost: Express Shipping: 3 Pounds worldwide 
  • Priority Shipping: 1.62 Pounds
  • Return Policy: It lasts for 30 days
  • Mode of Payment: Variable Online Mode of Payment

Pros of buying from Perfect Paw Store

  • The products are highly durable and cost-effective.
  • The products related to pet dogs are available here at one shop store.
  • Shipping is available worldwide.
  • The return policy is adequate.

Cons of buying from Perfect Paw Store

  • The shipping fee is chargeable.
  • The Perfect Paw Store Reviews are mixed.
  • The website is registered last year, which is relatively recent.
  • Poor customer support
  • The item may not ship on time.

Is Perfect Paw Store Legit or not?

The products displayed here are undoubtedly eye catching and tempting. Moreover the most unique feature about the website is that it has able to grab lot of traffic among the social media which is one good sign.

Pet products are mostly expensive when searched at shops thus surely the massive discounts and availability of the variety can be considered one positive sign here. But before making the big decision it is vital to check its legitimacy.

With the increasing fraudulence of the online shopping store, it has become essential to be damn cautious while shopping online. It is better to know that Is Perfect Paw Store Legit before you tap on the click button to shop the products.

What are people saying about Perfect Paw Store Reviews?

The Perfect Paw store has a well-versed Facebook page, and it has a lot of customer feedback. Two thousand one hundred forty-eight people have liked the Facebook page and also followed it. 

But if you look at the reviews of the website on various search engines, it has mixed reviews. One person wrote on the Trust Pilot that he bought a jumper for his dog but did not fit properly and rated one star, while there was another customer ordered it five stars in terms of quality and brand.  Overall it has a 3.2-star rating on Trust pilot. 

Bottom Line

Altogether looking at the above checkpoints and Perfect Paw Store Reviews, it can be said that the website is appears to legit one, and it has produced very much available in the market. Though it was created last year, it has been able to grab some traffic. 

However, some people were not satisfied with the product. So it is recommended to carefully look at your dog’s requirement and size and then order the product.

Have you ever purchased from this site? Do not forget to write in your experience regarding this website in the comment box.

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  1. I ordered a dog harness for my dog on the 7/11 /21 payment through PayPal invoice ID c2918247257317. 1 still I have no reply or any news about my order I am very unhappy

    1. Hey Jessy! Thank you for sharing your review here for this portal. Have you tried to contact the company again and enquired about your order? Do let us know. Waiting for your reply. Thank you! Have a Safe Online Shopping!

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