Perch Credit Reviews (Mar 2021) Explore The Facts!

Perch Credit Reviews 2021

Perch Credit Reviews (Mar 2021) Explore The Facts! >>Read this news article to know about an app-based credit-building system that helps improve credit scores through your recurring expenses.

Do you want an automated credit-building service? Well, that sounds like a lucrative proposition.

For the uninitiated, credit building is an important aspect of your financial standing.

Having a good credit score makes you more financially confident.

Perch Credit is United States-based company that helps you improve your credit score through a quick and easy method. 

It claims to give a jumpstart to your credit score in just 30 days! Wow, that’s quite a tall claim. 

But, is Perch Credit genuine?

Please read our article on Perch Credit Reviews to know about this app-based service in detail.

What is Perch Credit?

Perch Credit, also called Perch, is an innovative mobile app that boosts your credit score by reporting your current recurring expenses

You can report your monthly expenses such as Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, and Apple Music. You can also build your credit score by reporting the past rent payments for up to 24 months.

Perch Credit is backed by Citibank, Softbank, Sequoia, Y Dominator, Wonder Ventures, and Marcy Venture Partners, the world’s most distinguished investors.

To top all this, it has a customer-friendly interface and a simple-to-use app. Perch Credit aims at creating a credit-literate generation and helps them gain financial security and freedom.

It has an interesting tagline- Democratizing access to credit.

Keep reading Perch Credit Reviews to get more insight into this company. 

Specifications of Perch Credit:

  • Website-
  • Legal name- Perch Credit Inc
  • Headquarters- Los Angeles, California, Western US
  • Founders- Michael Broughton, Ayush Jain
  • Creation date- November 2019

What are the benefits of Perch Credit?

  • It increases the credit score fast.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Secure platform.
  • A free platform to use.
  • Offers great customer support 24 x 7 at

Perch Credit Reviews by customers:

The website has some brilliant customer reviews. Customers are extremely appreciative of its services.

One customer says that Perch Credit helped them jumpstart their credit score and build a history for buying an apartment.

Customers are happy that it is easy to build a credit score with Perch; a person of any age-group can use its simple app.

According to a report, Jay-Z has also invested in the Perch Credit app to boost the credit scores of minorities.

Read this article about Perch Credit Reviews to reveal the conclusion.

Final Verdict:

In short, Perch Credit works on a mission of creating more inclusive financial practices. It uses your current expenses as creditworthy data for augmenting your credit score! 

It is currently available on iOS and will soon be available on Android.

We conclude by saying that Perch Credit is an intermediary between financial institutions and users. It is a novel way that helps people build their credit score without a credit card or loan.

What is your viewpoint on Perch Credit Reviews? Please post your comments below if you have anything more to add to our review.

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