Pay Delivery Fee Scam (April 2021) Let’s Know About It!


Pay Delivery Fee Scam (April 2021) Let’s Know About It! >> The write-up shares details about the new delivery charge scam message to make shoppers aware of it.    

Fraudsters in the United Kingdom are targeting the residents for the new Pay Delivery Fee Scam. What is the new delivery fee scam, and how can you make out whether it is from a real or fake one. Read ahead! 

Some scammers are asking residents in the UK to pay the unpaid postage. It is the new delivery fee scam targeting households across the UK. The Royal Mail Delivery Fee Scam tricks the residents to get their card details and payment details. 

However, Chartered Trading Standards Institute or CTSI has recently published a circular to warn the residents about the text message that claims to be from Royal Mail, but it is from scammers. 

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What is Pay Delivery Fee Scam?

Many shoppers in the United Kingdom are receiving suspicious messages that claim to be from the Royal Mail. The message comprises some unknown parcels’ details and asks the recipients to pay off the unpaid postage or delivery fee to get it delivered

The message comprises a link where recipients need to click to pay the delivery fee. The delivery fee ranges from 1.99 GBP to 2.99 GBP. As the recipient clicks on the link, it redirects them to a deceitful website where personal and payment details are asked. 

If the person shares the details, it could be misused by the fraudulent. So, CTSI has recently warned the shoppers about the message and mentioned that Pay Delivery Fee Scam message is not from the Royal Mail.          

The new delivery free scam news has surged in the recent past as authorities have urged shoppers to do online shopping during the pandemic as all shops were closed. 

How to Avoid the Delivery Fee Scam?

Authorities from Royal Mail have confirmed in their statement that the postal service will never ask for the delivery fee. The delivery charge is only asked through text messages when the parcel is sent to the recipient from a foreign destination, and customer payment is due. 

Besides, a grey card would also be sent to confirm that customers need to pay off the delivery fee to get the order delivered. Below are some points to help you avoid the Pay Delivery Fee Scam.

  • Royal Mail will never ask for credit card details or personal information for order delivery 
  • Royal Mail never asks customers to share personal information on 3rd party websites 
  • No attachments are included in the message from Royal Mail
  • Royal Mail never receives any email address of purchasers as a part of the shopping experience    

What Recipients Must Do?

As per the statement of CTSI, anyone who receives such scam messages or emails must report the same to the nearest Police Station or contact the Action Fraud Service.


After evaluating, it is clear that Pay Delivery Fee Scam is to trick the victims and collect their card details and personal details. Since it is not from the Royal Mail, recipients must ignore it and report it in the Action Fraud Service.

More than 1700 reports have been received about the delivery fee scam message and email. So, shoppers must stay alert and report it immediately before the situation worsens.

Did you receive the same delivery fee scam message or email? What is a step against it? Please share it in the comment section.

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