Parler App Website (Feb 2021) Scroll Down for Its Review

Parler App Website 2021

Parler App Website (Feb 2021) Scroll Down for Its Review >>This article talks about the reasons behind the Speech-based website’s suspension and will discuss some of its facts.

Are you looking for the reasons behind the Bann of Parler from Amazon, Apple, and Google? We all know that the Parler App was removed from various platforms but are still not aware of the reality behind it.

In this article below about Parler App Websitewe will discuss some facts related to the app’s suspension and get to know the reasons behind it.

The website is based in the United States and Canada and is also one of the top searched.

Read this article till the end to reveal some unread facts.

What is Parler?

Parler, as explained over the Internet, is a Social Networking, American alt-tech Microblogging service. It has all the data related to Donald Trump’s conservatives, supporters, right-wing extremists, conspiracy theorists, and supporters.

Posts on this platform is often about antisemitism, conspiracy theories, and far-right content. Some Journalists have regarded the Parler App Website as Twitter’s alternative, where one can find banned mainstream social networks or opposition to moderation policies.

The journalists often criticize Parler for its far-right user base and the content policies that are more restrictive as portrayed by the company.

Why was Parler Suspended for Various Platforms?

This step was taken after the events on 6th January 2020, when Trump Supporters in large number clashed with police and stormed at Capitol Hill after the declaration of Joe Biden’s Presidential Win.

Some of the people from the armed mob were the Parler App Website users who supported Donald Trump. Parler also moved out of its statement of removing harmful content from its website, provoking illegal and violent activities.

Apple, Amazon, and Google gave these reasons and banned the application from their respective platforms. This suspension further relates that users will not be able to download or access these platforms’ application.

 Amazon also suspended its accessibility from Amazon Web Services, under the name of illegal and violent content, to which Parler replied legally by taking them to court.

What is the Recent Update about the Parler App Website?

Recently, some links say that the Parler is back on the Internet and can be accessed. But it is still unavailable for iOS and Google Play Store. Some of the assumptions say that it will be back anytime soon.

The website was back a few days ago, on a simple base, though. Again, it is about more robustly, allowing users to create a new account or login into the existing ones.

Final Verdict:

Based on our research, we can conclude that there is still no clarity when the application will be back for Apple and Android Users.

None of the authorities of these platforms have passed any statement related to the Parler App Website On the other hand, Google has cleared that it will remain suspended from its platform until the new moderation problems are considered.

For now, users can only access the Parler from its official website.

We are sure you too have visited the same for Information. Do share your views about the same.

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  1. Past PARLER users can now ENTER Parler through its main website, but WE CANNOT SCROLL DOWN to observe other posts from either the LEFT or RIGHT SIDE. WHAT SHOULD WE DO NOW? WHAT IS THEPROBLEM HERE?????

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